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J.P. Feyereisen 2024 salary arbitration preview

Dodgers RHP eligible for arbitration for the first time

Los Angeles Dodgers Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Relief pitcher J.P. Feyereisen has something in common with infielder Gavin Lux, as both Dodgers are eligible for salary arbitration for the first time after missing all of the 2023 season after surgery.

Feyereisen has three years, 108 days of service time, but he hasn’t pitched since June 2, 2022. He was sidelined by a shoulder injury to close out that year, then had surgery in December 2022 to repair the rotator cuff and labrum in his right shoulder.

Traded to the Dodgers a little more than a week after his surgery, Feyereisen spent all of 2023 rehabbing, and did not pitch in any minor league games.

“The rehab was supposed to be a 12-month process for my shoulder anyway, so when I had it in December it was iffy that I was even going to pitch this year,” Feyereisen explained in a phone interview with True Blue LA in November. “We were not going to rush through it just to get me back for a just in case. Me coming back at 80 percent wouldn’t have been better than the guys we had at 100 percent.”

Having no launch season immediately preceding salary arbitration complicates things a bit, but it just means Feyereisen and his representatives will need to rely on his career numbers to date instead.

When on the mound — first with the Brewers in 2020-21, then with the Rays in 2021-22 — Feyereisen has been quite good, having last allowed an earned run in 2021. He had a 0.00 ERA in 2022 with Tampa Bay, allowing only one unearned run in 24⅓ innings, with 25 strikeouts against only five walks.

Feyereisen in his career has a 2.31 ERA in 89⅔ innings, with 85 strikeouts and 43 walks.

“I don’t really have a year [of stats] before the arbitration to show what I can do, but I think that’s why the Dodgers traded for me when I was hurt. They know that when I’m healthy I can be an effective person for them to use in the future,” Feyereisen said in November. “I’m not really worried about the the money side of things. I’ll let my agent take care of that.”

Here are some pitchers comparable to Feyereisen from last offseason, reaching arbitration for the first time and having missed significant time with some sort of injury.

Comparable pitchers to J.P. Feyereisen at 3 years of service time

Pitcher Year Service time IP Saves BB rate K rate ERA ERA+ FIP bWAR fWAR Salary
Pitcher Year Service time IP Saves BB rate K rate ERA ERA+ FIP bWAR fWAR Salary
J.P. Feyereisen 2024 3.108 89⅔ 4 12.0% 23.8% 2.31 176 3.89 2.2 1.1 TBD
Josh Taylor 2023 3.121 102⅓ 1 10.0% 29.4% 3.69 130 3.28 2.3 1.7 $1,025,000
Jonathan Hernández 2023 3.041 78 4 11.4% 23.1% 3.23 139 4.01 1.4 0.6 $995,000
Hunter Harvey 2023 3.047 63 0 8.2% 26.6% 2.86 150 3.06 1.5 1.1 $870,000
Blake Taylor 2023 3.000 79⅓ 1 12.6% 19.1% 3.06 140 4.65 1.0 0.0 $830,000
Jorge Alcalá 2023 3.014 87⅔ 1 7.1% 26.8% 3.39 128 3.92 0.9 0.5 $790,000
Codi Heuer 2023 3.000 91 3 8.6% 21.7% 3.56 123 3.66 1.4 1.3 $785,000
Sam Coonrod 2023 3.078 97⅓ 5 10.3% 22.2% 5.27 80 4.42 -0.2 0.2 $775,000
Tejay Antone 2023 3.000 69 3 10.8% 32.3% 2.48 195 3.46 3.0 1.5 $770,000
Jeff Brigham 2023 3.010 79⅔ 2 10.8% 23.0% 4.52 93 4.82 0.3 -0.1 $760,000
Sources include MLB Trade Rumors & Cot’s Baseball Contracts

The top salary on this list is $1.025 million by Josh Taylor, the left-hander then of the Red Sox who spent the entire 2022 season on the injured list with a low back strain. Taylor had just shy of 13 more career innings than Feyereisen, with similar numbers. Feyereisen has the better ERA, Taylor the better FIP.

Cubs right-hander Codi Heuer didn’t pitch in 2022 while recovering from Tommy John surgery. His overall numbers are relatively similar to Feyereisen, though Feyereisen has the better ERA. Heuer made only $785,000 in 2023, but that was likely depressed by the fact he was going to start the season on the 60-day IL. In fact, he spent the entire 2023 season on the injured list, and didn’t pitch in the minors after June 20.

MLB Trade Rumors in October projected Feyereisen to make $1 million in 2024. At Cot’s Baseball Contracts, Feyereisen is projected to earn $900,000.

I’ll split the difference and put Feyereisen at $950,000 for 2024. In reality, the range of comparable pitchers is narrow enough that Feyereisen and the Dodgers reaching an agreement by Friday’s exchange date should be an easy task.