TBLA Meetup, ST 2024!

The idea of some kind of TBLA meetup during Spring Training this year has been raised a few times this off-season. Cat mentioned it would be helpful if someone created a Fanpost about it to keep all the plans and discussions in one place, so here it is. Please add your thoughts, ideas, dates you could be there, etc., in the comments below!

So far, the following TBLA'ers plan to attend:

  • Steve SD
  • Phil Gurnee
  • Tim Crews's Dastardly Mustache
  • gofortu
  • urbino
  • CostaRicaDodger
  • Catherine the Blue
  • David Young
  • 68elcam427

Update 1/23/24

It looks like we're talking about one or more games during the week of March 7-13.

Update 1/27/24

Steve and his boys are looking at the following games. Can we all shoot for one or more of these? Please speak up, below, which one(s) work(s) best for you.

  1. Fri, 8 Mar: CIN @ LAD (6pm)
  2. Sat, 9 Mar: TEX @ LAD
  3. Tue, 12 Mar: SFG @ LAD
  4. Wed, 13 Mar: SEA @ LAD

Update 2/7/24

In addition to meeting up for a game, Steve SD will also be hosting a BYO get-together on the 9th @6:00 pm at his AirBnB. There is a pool, but you should bring your own towel. Attago, Steve!

Update 2/15/24

From Steve SD:

I'll repeat this again around March 1, but I think the safest/best way for me to communicate my phone # and address of the AirBnB for the March 9 gathering, is if you (whoever plans to attend) contact me using the email in my profile. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR TBLA HANDLE! (If you have my phone #, feel free to text me.)

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