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‘Twas the MLB lockout

A new holiday poem to read with the family

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Dodgers Opening Postponed due to cornoavirus Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

‘Twas the MLB lockout, when all was shut down,

Not a roster move stirring, everyone left town;

The meetings were canceled, Orlando was bare,

With only Rule 5 minor leaguers to share

The owners were settled, some claim in the red,

While labor negotiations soon were dead,

And the CBT threshold, treated like a cap,

With some tanking teams content with putting out crap-

Then before the deadline arose such a clatter,

Teams pulled out their checkbooks for pitcher and batter.

To Texas went Seager, where he used to bash,

Max went to New York, they showed him the cash.

The jack of all trades saw his new market grow,

But he returned to LA, with four years in tow;

Then, the CBA expiration appeared,

And brought with it the silence that we all feared,

With a little old website, once vibrant with pics,

Then scrapped all the headshots, seemingly for kicks.

The players now headless, they rallied online,

And they showed that, without them, the product is swine.

Now Kershaw, and Pujols, and Kelly, and Jansen,

Have to wait for their contracts before they start dancin’;

With labor talks now stalled, and not even a call,

MLB owners, and players, negotiate all!