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Joan Hodges, widow of Gil, dies at age 95

Gil Hodges Kissing His Wife Joan

Joan Hodges, the widow of Gil Hodges, died on Saturday night after a long illness, the Mets and Dodgers announced on Sunday.

Gil Hodges, the longtime Dodgers first baseman and Mets manager who died in 1972, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in July, after his 35th time on the ballot. During the ceremony, Hodges’ daughter Irene gave a stirring speech, during which she mentioned Joan, who was not present.

“Today, I am especially happy for my mother. When the call came from the Hall of Fame, and I heard, ‘This is Jane Forbes Clark, and it is my honor...,’ I began sobbing probably as much as I did when I lost my father,” Irene Hodges said during the speech. “I was so beyond happy for him, and even thrilled that my mom at 95 would be able to hear this news.”

Joan Hodges still lived at the Brooklyn home she and Gil lived during his playing days, and where they raised their children.

Saturday was ten days shy of Joan’s 96th birthday.

“We are thankful that Joan was able to see Gil inducted into the Hall of Fame in July. That meant so much to her and the entire Mets and Hodges family. She was a true baseball fan and still followed her two favorite teams, the Mets and Dodgers,” Mets president Sandy Alderson said in a statement. “We send our condolences to her daughters, Irene and Cindy, her son Gil Jr. and the rest of the Hodges family.”

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