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About us

Everything you need to know about True Blue LA

Exploring L.A.’s Dodger Stadium Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Welcome to True Blue LA, your one-stop shop for news and analysis of all things Los Angeles Dodgers. We are here to provide comprehensive coverage of the team, coupled with a robust community and network for Dodgers fans to discuss.

We strive to cover all aspects of the team, from games to minutiae to news items, from the majors to the minor leagues, from the biggest stars on the team to the fringes of the roster, along with detailed analysis.

In addition to the written work — which includes opportunities for everyone to contribute through FanPosts and FanShots — we also have the True Blue LA podcast network, which has two regular shows. The Lineup is our weekly (or in the offseason, biweekly) podcast, hosted by Eric Stephen and Jacob Burch along with Craig Minami. Leading Off with True Blue LA during the season is a shorter weekday morning post, with reactions to the latest news. During the offseason, Leading Off runs a few times each week.

You can find all of our authors on our masthead.

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True Blue LA is one of the hundreds of team sites on SB Nation, which is a subsidiary of Vox Media. You can view our community guidelines here.

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