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All-Star Game

All-Star ballot update No. 1

Cody Bellinger leads the NL in votes

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday morning, the MLB announced the updated ballots for the National League. This is the first of two updates, before the ballot moves into the “starters edition”.

Here’s how the results are looking so far.

Though no Dodgers lead for any of the infield positions, there are four different players who find themselves in the top-five. Now, this is important, because the All-Star Game changed the rules for voting this year. You no longer have to be the top vote getter to be named a starter.

On June 21, the MLB will announce the top-3 vote getters at each position. Fans will then have 28 hours to select one player from the top-3, and whoever gets the most votes from that, will be the starter.

At first base, Max Muncy is in fourth place. He’s about 170,000 votes from being in the final three, so he has a bit of a way to go.

At second base, Enrique Hernandez is in fifth place. Though, this is a very close battle. He’s a little more than 20,000 votes behind fourth place, and is a little over 80,000 votes away from being in the top three.

Justin Turner is in the top three for third base. He has a comfortable 70,000 lead over the next closest vote getter behind him.

Shortstop is very close, as Corey Seager is 14,000 votes ahead of the fourth place vote getter. He’s also 30,000 votes away from being in second.

Moving over to outfielders, and to no surprise, Cody Bellinger is at the top of the list. He currently has the most votes for any National League player with just under 1.2 million.

For outfielders, the top nine vote getters will be selected. The Dodgers are one of two teams to have all three of their outfielders in the top nine.

Joc Pederson is in fourth place, and Alex Verdugo is in ninth place. Though he’s in fourth, Pederson only has about a 100,000 vote edge over falling out of the top nine. Verdugo is even closer, as he is only up by 200 votes. It’s also close enough, where Verdugo is 50,000 votes away from being in the top five.

What this first update has showed us, is that every vote counts.

Vote every day, Dodgers fans. You can vote five times a day by going to — You can also vote once a day by searching a player’s name on Google. Help send our boys in blue to the All-Star Game this year!

Here are all the updates in regards to voting: