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All-Star Game

Mookie Betts eliminated in first round of Home Run Derby

T-Mobile Home Run Derby Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Dodgers star Mookie Betts spent most of the last two weeks downplaying his chances in the Home Run Derby, and it was for good reason. Betts was eliminated in the first round by Vladimir Guerrero Jr. on Monday night at T-Mobile Park in Seattle.

“You guys watch my BP,” Betts said over the weekend at Dodger Stadium. “I don’t hit many home runs in BP.”

Betts does hit them during games however, his 26 home runs tied for third-most in the majors at the All-Star break.

Guerrero hit 26 home runs in the first round alone on Monday, batting before Betts in their bracketed matchup. Betts hit 11 in the initial three minutes of his round, then none in the 30-second bonus to end his night.

Exiting early is nothing new for the Dodgers in the Home Run Derby. Betts has the ninth elimination for Los Angeles in the opening round in 13 trips to the derby.

When Betts officially announced his participation in the Home Run Derby on June 29, the day he was voted into the National League starting lineup in the All-Star Game, he told reporters at Coors Field the advice his mom gave him about the event.

“When I told my mom, she wasn’t too thrilled,” Betts said. “She told me, ‘I didn’t raise you to come in last.’ So the goal now is not to come in last.”

Betts’ All-Star teammates offered him advice heading into Monday’s Home Run Derby.

But with his 11 home runs, Betts had the lowest total during the first round, six behind Rangers outfielder Adolis García.

Maybe moms do always know best.