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Born in Los Angeles, Jake is a currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying journalism, as well as a die-hard Dodger fan. Currently, he writes for Bucky's 5th Quarter, Wisconsin's SB Nation page and is a producer on The Arash Markazi Show. Previously, he has covered the Dodgers for DodgersBeat and is very excited to be joining the team at True Blue LA.

Correa is newest enemy in NL West rivalry

After signing a 13 year, $350 million contract with the Giants, Correa will spend the rest of his career as Dodger fans’ biggest enemy.

Dodgers swing big, acquire Darvish in 2017

The Dodgers swung big at the 2017 trade deadline, bolstering their rotation with the addition of Yu Darvish. Five years later, we look back at every piece involved in that deal.

Could the Dodgers be looking too far ahead?

Fresh off of one of the biggest postseason collapses we’ve ever seen, the Dodgers have been very quiet this offseason

Dodgers reportedly staying away from Carlos Correa

Gavin Lux may be the Opening Day shortstop as the Dodgers have missed out on marquee shortstops and do not seem to be pursuing Carlos Correa.

2022 review: Austin Barnes

No longer an every day starter, Austin Barnes continues to thrive in his role as a backup catcher, handling a pitching staff as good as anyone in the league.

Dodgers miss on Justin Verlander, Trea Turner

Two Dodger potential targets, Justin Verlander and Trea Turner, are off the board and headed east.

2022 review: Jake Lamb

Jake Lamb has struggled to find a home since leaving the Diamondbacks in 2020 and made a quick stop with the Dodgers in 2022.

Aaron Judge... Los Angeles Dodger?

After another disappointing postseason performance, the Dodgers head into the offseason with plenty of decisions to make. Whether or not to pursue Aaron Judge is at the top of that list.

The offseason is Friedman’s time to shine

In one way or another, the Dodger roster is going to look very different when the spring rolls around. It’s up to Andrew Friedman to figure out the best way to do that.

Dodgers must make decision on Bellinger’s future

Former NL MVP Cody Bellinger will be non-tendered by the Dodgers if they decide he is not worth the money he’ll receive at arbitration.