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Professional baseball writer (technically) by night / attorney by day. TBLA's self-proclaimed and de facto Traveling Correspondent has been all over the world on legal adventures and now spends his days advising folks on their estate plans while spending his nights planning out Dodger adventures while bringing a stuffed animal his sister made for luck and laughs.

Zugzwang: In defense of Craig Kimbrel

Or "While the Dodgers closer has not been good (as advertised), the struggles have been symptomatic of a different problem"

The Fourth Adventure and the First Homestand of 2022: High Times in Denver and Mourning in San Francisco

Or "Michael and Kershaw's mojo cannot overcome Coors Field" or "The dazzling debut of Master James Outman" or "Michael returns to Oracle Park to say goodbye to Vin."

The show must go on: Dodgers 9, Giants 5

Or "The Day that Vin Scully left us all far too soon, at the age of 94."

This stream has:

August 2: Dodgers 9, Giants 5

The Dodgers go up early and hang on to win 9-5. No one will remember the final score from this game, but everyone will remember where they were when they heard that Vin Scully died at the age of 94.

No, Shohei Ohtani is not going to be a Dodger...yet

Or "I have a bridge to sell you if you think Arte Moreno is going to okay a trade of arguably-baseball’s most popular player." All jokes aside, and as much as we, as a fanbase, might want it. I pour cold water over the idea that Shohei Ohtani is getting traded period, much less to the Dodgers.

More Dodgers Juan Soto trades, thanks to the Trade Simulator

Or "Which is really two separate trades that likely will not happen." Or we use Baseball Trade Values to come up with a complicated scenario that will very likely not occur.

A modest Dodgers trade proposal for Juan Soto

Or How Juan Soto ends up in Los Angeles (if Michael could "Quantum Leap" into Andrew Friedman or As he’s already here, he just needs to switch clubhouses. Are we days away from Juan Soto being traded to the Dodgers? Probably not, but a little midseason roster speculation never hurt anyone.

The “Third” Adventure of 2022: Eli(zondo) and Adric in Anaheim

Or "Deja Vu all over again" or "Do not adjust your television set." The Traveling Correspondent actually writes about his traveling as a correspondent, while seeing near-perfection from Kershaw (again) and ending up on the SportsNetLA broadcast (again).

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It’s not my Money(ball)! - Blue Collar Edition: Issues with Levy Restaurants at Dodger Stadium

Or "Why you should stand with your local busker." An essay in the multi-part series where the financial problems in baseball are examined in detail. This time, we examine Levy Restaurants, the primary vendor of food at Dodger Stadium

The Dodgers’ ‘hard mode’ problem

Or "The Dodgers offensive woes with the bases loaded" or "Someone needs to check if the Dodgers have gone "vegan," because they sure don’t like meatballs."