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Michael Elizondo is the self-proclaimed Traveling Correspondent of the staff who has been to 48 regular season games over the 2021 and 2022 regular seasons. Michael is in the process of generating a travelogue, On the Road with Eli(zondo) and Adric, nicknamed the Guide, for any traveling Dodgers fan who happens to want to see a Dodger game anywhere in the League. Michael primarily writes Guide entries, commentaries, interviews, and investigative essays related to matters related to the Dodgers.

Michael has been a Staff Writer at True Blue LA since January 2021, after being a commenter starting in the 2015 season. Michael was born in Orange County, grew up near Fresno, and attended professional school in Sacramento, before establishing himself as an attorney in the Bay Area.

Michael carries three things with him to every Dodger game he goes: an external battery for his phone, a photo of himself and his father, and Adric, a stuffed animal, made by Michael's sister as a good luck charm for when he worked internationally. Adric goes to every Dodger game that Michael goes to, rain or shine.

Leaving the Mariners sweepless in Seattle

"A 2023 field report from Seattle, where the Dodgers clinched the NL West on the eve of Michael Elizondo’s father’s death."

The magnificence of Mookie Betts’ homecoming

Or Michael’s field report about Mookie Betts in Cleveland and Boston as he breaks down probably the best moment of the year while watching Betts and Freeman play out of their respective minds in Cleveland and Boston and reuniting with Justin Turner.

Defending the Cleveland grounds crew: A field report

Or "A field dispatch from Cleveland" Michael Elizondo breaks down something from the AppleTV broadcast in Boston before breaking down his adventures in the weather while in Cleveland.

Keeping track of following the Dodgers around the country

Thanks to the MLB Ballpark App, documenting life as a Dodger Chaser has never been easier

Busted predictions about the Dodgers, the Lords of August

Or "Admitting that a prediction or two from the beginning of the year was off while marveling at the Dodgers’ dominance during the month of August."

MLB TV blackouts & the unjust entitlement of access

A look at the absurdity of MLB television blackouts, ironically written while was broken for a few hours on Saturday. Also, pushy autograph hounds are the worst.

Dodgers chased away the Sunday Scaries

The Dodgers beat the Padres to snap out of their Sunday Scaries, snapping a coincidental 10-game losing streak on Sundays that dated back to May.

The hodgepodge of sandwiches, books, and meeting Joe Davis

Or "Four short stories that are too short to merit their own essay." True Blue LA’s Michael Elizondo provides a throughline with meeting Joe Davis in New York to wanting a cheesesteak at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

With A’s in town, a call for ‘sell the team’ chants at Dodger Stadium

The Athletics visit the Dodgers in Los Angeles, so here’s a call for action to chant "sell the team" in the fifth inning at Dodger Stadium in solidarity with Oakland

A guide to the Dodgers 2024 road schedule

A breakdown of the Dodgers schedule in 2024, specifically the road games, and advice on where one might want to go based on the calendar and other factors.