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Michael Elizondo is the self-proclaimed Traveling Correspondent of the staff who has been to 48 regular season games over the 2021 and 2022 regular seasons. Michael is in the process of generating a travelogue, On the Road with Eli(zondo) and Adric, nicknamed the Guide, for any traveling Dodgers fan who happens to want to see a Dodger game anywhere in the League. Michael primarily writes Guide entries, commentaries, interviews, and investigative essays related to matters related to the Dodgers.

Michael has been a Staff Writer at True Blue LA since January 2021, after being a commenter starting in the 2015 season. Michael was born in Orange County, grew up near Fresno, and attended professional school in Sacramento, before establishing himself as an attorney in the Bay Area.

Michael carries three things with him to every Dodger game he goes: an external battery for his phone, a photo of himself and his father, and Adric, a stuffed animal, made by Michael's sister as a good luck charm for when he worked internationally. Adric goes to every Dodger game that Michael goes to, rain or shine.

Collusion collision

An "It’s not my Money(ball!) essay. True Blue LA’s Michael Elizondo revives this series with a dire prediction: the Owners will lock out the Players in December 2026.

Our 2023 Dodgers predictions

Predictions for the 2023 Los Angeles Dodgers, from the staff of True Blue LA.

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Dodger fan guide: Angel Stadium of Anaheim

A Dodgers fan’s review of Angel Stadium of Anaheim, home of LA’s freeway series rivals.

Stadium tour adds Atlanta and Tampa in 2023

Or "Holiday airfare made Michael an offer he couldn’t refuse" or "Michael Elizondo has a couple of milestones to share." The six-year project continues into its second year with one last addition to the travel calendar.

Dodgers should extend Will Smith at their earliest opportunity

Or I was about to argue that the Dodgers should extend Will Smith with a long-term contract, but Fabian Ardaya of The Athletic beat me to print. Then, circumstances intervened.

Mookie the vlogger and MLB’s lobbying in Florida

Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts starts a vlog. Also Major League Baseball engages in lobbying to stifle minor league pay in Florida.

How to improve the All-Star Game and the World Baseball Classic at the same time

Major League Baseball needs to decide what it wants the World Baseball Classic to be. A proposal that might improve interest in the United States in both the WBC and the MLB All-Star Game.

A reluctant proposal for the Dodgers to acquire Isiah Kiner-Falefa

Or "At the risk of being insensitive, the show must go on." True Blue LA’s Michael Elizondo analyzes the trade market for a shortstop as a result of the season-ending injury to Gavin Lux.

The curious case of Ryan Thompson and salary arbitration

After a tweet thread from Rays pitcher Ryan Thompson, a lawyer’s break down of baseball’s arbitration process with insight into how to succeed at an arbitration generally.

A tale of two salary arbitration experiences

How the Dodgers dodged a blunder of their own making by coming to terms with Tony Gonsolin as opposed to the Brewers nickel-and-diming Corbin Burnes.