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Michael Elizondo is the self-proclaimed Traveling Correspondent of the staff who has been to 48 regular season games over the 2021 and 2022 regular seasons. Michael is in the process of generating a travelogue, On the Road with Eli(zondo) and Adric, nicknamed the Guide, for any traveling Dodgers fan who happens to want to see a Dodger game anywhere in the League. Michael primarily writes Guide entries, commentaries, interviews, and investigative essays related to matters related to the Dodgers.

Michael has been a Staff Writer at True Blue LA since January 2021, after being a commenter starting in the 2015 season. Michael was born in Orange County, grew up near Fresno, and attended professional school in Sacramento, before establishing himself as an attorney in the Bay Area.

Michael carries three things with him to every Dodger game he goes: an external battery for his phone, a photo of himself and his father, and Adric, a stuffed animal, made by Michael's sister as a good luck charm for when he worked internationally. Adric goes to every Dodger game that Michael goes to, rain or shine.

2022 review: Rylan Bannon

Or "Why Tony Wolters and Rylan Bannon are linked." TrueBlueLA’s Michael Elizondo addresses the loose end caused by Tony Wolters’ call-up during the 2022 season in Kansas City.

2022 review: Jake Reed

Or "One of the best fleeting stories of the year." True Blue LA’s Michael Elizondo recounts his experience watching Jake Reed pitch in Denver.

All according to plan

Terms and conditions may apply. The One-Win Team was a generational, organizational failure. And the grand scheme, it’s all gone according to plan.

2022 review: Garrett Cleavinger

Or "Missed it by that much." True Blue LA’s Michael Elizondo recounts his experience missing Garrett Cleavinger pitch in a Dodger uniform in 2022 because Elizondo was cold and wet, and did not want to miss the last train back to his hotel.

Clayton Kershaw’s 14 innings of perfection, as seen in person

Or "A made-up stat for no one but me, which I now share with you." In Michael Elizondo’s travels this year, Clayton Kershaw was perfect for 14 straight innings. It seems appropriate to acknowledge that quirk of scheduling, brilliance, and timing at this juncture.

2022 review: Andre Jackson

Or the Inaugural Eric Stephen Award Winner. True Blue LA’s Michael Elizondo recounts his experiences watching Andre Jackson’s season debut in 2022.

2022 review: Tony Wolters

Or "The other OTHER catcher the Dodgers used this year." TrueBlueLA’s Michael Elizondo recounts his experiences watching Tony Wolters in his only appearances during the 2022 season in Kansas City.

The Dodgers’ hard mode problem revisited

Or "It’s not just you, the Dodgers were scoring in ways we have not really seen before." Did the 2022 Dodgers improve with center-cut fastballs? This essay revisits the hypothesis of a Fangraphs article from July 2022 on this very subject.

2022 review: Joey Gallo

The Dodgers’ main trade acquisition for the offense has a mostly forgettable tenure in 2022 after being literally chased out of New York. True Blue LA’s Michael Elizondo recounts his experiences watching Joey Gallo strike out a lot and getting the parts of the fanbase twitterpated.

The Giants’ Lament

Or "Another way to look at the 2022 Dodgers during the year." Before delving into anything controversial, it’s worth noting that the Dodgers’ mastery over the Giants in 2022 may have had an unintended consequence.