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Michael Elizondo is the self-proclaimed Traveling Correspondent of the staff who has been to 48 regular season games over the 2021 and 2022 regular seasons. Michael is in the process of generating a travelogue, On the Road with Eli(zondo) and Adric, nicknamed the Guide, for any traveling Dodgers fan who happens to want to see a Dodger game anywhere in the League. Michael primarily writes Guide entries, commentaries, interviews, and investigative essays related to matters related to the Dodgers.

Michael has been a Staff Writer at True Blue LA since January 2021, after being a commenter starting in the 2015 season. Michael was born in Orange County, grew up near Fresno, and attended professional school in Sacramento, before establishing himself as an attorney in the Bay Area.

Michael carries three things with him to every Dodger game he goes: an external battery for his phone, a photo of himself and his father, and Adric, a stuffed animal, made by Michael's sister as a good luck charm for when he worked internationally. Adric goes to every Dodger game that Michael goes to, rain or shine.

A plan for MLB realignment and expansion

While dealing with the news that the Athletics are inching their way out the door to Las Vegas to the surprise of no one but the extremely gullible.

Dodgers are getting caught flatfooted

Or "MLB’s new rule changes have exposed the Dodgers’ now-outdated running offense and defense." The Dodgers are on pace to allow about 200 stolen bases this year, while on pace to steal just over 50 bases.

The A’s and Dodgers possum party

Or "The Dodgers and Athletics had different possum problems in the last week." Comparing organizational responses in Los Angeles and Oakland to unexpected wild animals that have taken refuge in the respective stadiums.

The Dodgers’ brawl at Wrigley Field, 23 years later

True Blue LA’s de facto Traveling Correspondent puts on his day job hat and goes over the infamous brawl at Wrigley Field in 2000.

Answering questions from the road

I decided to answer them while inviting people to use the FanPost feature if they are so inclined.

Mayor Muncy, Dodgers trends, & extended MLB alcohol sales

Or "Everybody needs to calm 2023." True Blue LA’s Michael Elizondo goes over trends from the first two weeks of the season to not overreact to, including the Dodgers’ shortstop core and the decision to extend alcohol sales into the eighth inning.

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On the Road with Eli(zondo) and Adric: Introduction to the Guide 2023

Or "How an eight-game losing streak led to two years of travel (and counting!) for Dodger baseball."

Why the Dodgers will win 88 games in 2023

True Blue LA’s de facto Traveling Correspondent explains why he is relatively bearish on the 2023 Dodgers by his adoption of the following axiom: "Plan for the worst, but hope for the best."

Fan’s marriage proposal run amok and Rendon in Oakland

Or "Players should not be grabbing fans" or "Do not go onto the playing field of Dodger Stadium during a game — seriously." True Blue LA covers both the Runaway Fan proposal at Dodger Stadium and Anthony Rendon’s extra-curricular activities in Oakland after the Angel’s Opening Day loss.

Collusion collision

An "It’s not my Money(ball!) essay. True Blue LA’s Michael Elizondo revives this series with a dire prediction: the Owners will lock out the Players in December 2026.