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Samantha Costanzo Carleton is a writer for True Blue LA who works on everything from daily news roundups to features on historic players.

Her dedication to the Dodgers began early in life thanks to a dad who always had the game on and an uncle with season tickets. She has fond memories of shouting "Ra-uuuuul" with the rest of the Dodger Stadium crowd to cheer for Raúl Mondesí, standing on a stadium chair to yell at a Phillies pitcher for hitting Russell Martin, and falling asleep to the sound of Vin Scully calling the last few innings.

The radio habit that has continued, albeit with different voices on the airwaves, now that she lives amongst Red Sox fans and 10 p.m. start times in Massachusetts. And don’t worry—games at Fenway are certainly special, but as skeptical New Englanders often get reminded when they comment on her Dodger hat: You never forget your first love.

When it comes to writing, Samantha’s career has taken her from the college newspaper and interning at to covering tech startups and writing profiles of MIT Bootcamp graduates. She’s now a marketing copywriter at Northeastern University, where she tackles everything from quick ads to deep dives into the university’s degree programs.

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