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Steve Dittmore is a PhD who is an assistant dean and a professor at the University of Arkansas. In addition to being a Dodgers fan, Steve is an assistant editor at Athletic Director U. He writes essays and features for True Blue LA.

Dodger Stadium’s almost dome

A look back at never-materialized plans for Dodger Stadium to have a dome, with origins that dated back to the Dodgers’ time in Brooklyn.

Willie Davis and Jim Gilliam deserve HOF consideration

Don’t forget about former Dodgers Willie Davis and Jim Gilliam when it comes to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

A Dodger Blue fan behind Cardinal Red lines

On the eve of the National League wild card game, a Dodgers fan in Arkansas describes what it’s like to live in a territory full of Cardinals fans.

An interview about Glenn Burke, with author Andrew Maraniss

On the anniversary of Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker inventing the high five, an interview with Andrew Maraniss, author of ‘Singled Out: The True Story of Glenn Burke.’

Gil Hodges, Carl Erskine inducted into NY Hall of Fame

Brooklyn Dodgers greats Gil Hodges and Carl Erskine were elected in August to the New York State Baseball Hall of Fame.

23,000 pieces of Dodgers memorabilia, and counting

David Petersen has been collecting Dodgers memorabilia for over 50 years, and his collection has over 23,000 items.