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Baseball Cards

What can old ‘future stars’ baseball cards tell us?

A look back at "future stars" Dodgers baseball cards from 40 years ago, and trying to figure out who might be on a 2022 card.

23,000 pieces of Dodgers memorabilia, and counting

David Petersen has been collecting Dodgers memorabilia for over 50 years, and his collection has over 23,000 items.

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2021 Topps Series 1 review

A look at the 330-card Topps Series 1 set, which includes 20 Dodgers-related cards. Among those included in this set are Clayton Kershaw, Mookie Betts, Cody Bellinger, and four World Series cards commemorating each of the four Dodgers wins.

A closer took at 2020 Topps Heritage

A review of the 2020 Topps Heritage set, comparing this group of Dodgers players’ baseball cards with the original design from the 1971 Topps set.

2020 Topps Series 1 review

A look at the Dodgers baseball cards in the 2020 Topps Series 1 set, including Cody Bellinger, Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, Justin Turner, and more.

A closer look at 2019 Topps Heritage baseball cards

A closer look at the 2019 Topps Heritage baseball card set, which is in the style of 1970 Topps.

2018 Topps Series 1 baseball cards review

A look at Series 1 of the 2018 Topps baseball card set, including details of the 17 Dodgers cards.

Dodgers trio named Topps All-Star rookies

Corey Seager, Kenta Maeda and Julio Urias will have special designation on their 2017 Topps baseball cards, named to 2016 Topps Rookie All-Stars.

2015 Topps Series 1 review

A review of the 2015 Topps Series 1 baseball card set. Of the 350 cards, 12 include Dodgers, including Clayton Kershaw, Yasiel Puig and others.

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Yasiel Puig on 2015 Topps Series 1 box

I will have a review up later this week for 2015 Topps Series 1 baseball cards, which were released on Wednesday in stores. Boxes for the 330-card set feature Yasiel Puig.

Farewell, Sy Berger

The father of the modern baseball card passed away over the weekend. Sy Berger contributed to the baseball fandom of generations of kids, including this author.

2013 Topps Series 1

A look at a few Dodgers cards from 2013 Topps Series 1, which was released on Jan. 31.

Dodgers Baseball Cards: A Labor Of Love

Last October, True Blue LA member Delias Man started a project of counting down his 25 favorite Dodgers baseball cards. The cards covered a wide range of styles and years, covering 60 or so years of Dodgers history.

2010 Topps Series I: A Few More Cards

2010 Topps Series I Baseball Cards

A brief look at the new 2010 Topps Series I subset of baseball cards.

Today in Dodger History: Willie Davis For Mike Marshall

A look back at a blockbuster winter meetings trade by the Dodgers and Expos 36 years ago today.

2009 Topps Heritage

A look at the 2009 Topps Heritage baseball card set, an homage to the 1960 Topps set, through Dodger cards.

2009 Topps Series I

A look at 2009 Topps Series One Baseball Cards