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Kershaw daily

A 21 split

A look back at two July 21 starts by Clayton Kershaw, from 2013 and 2018.

No-decisions and hit batters

Clayton Kershaw’s four July 20 starts include lots of strikeouts, several no-decisions, one ejection and nearly another, and his first career stolen base.

Summer heat

Four career starts for Clayton Kershaw on July 18, with one total run allowed, and 35 strikeouts in 30 innings.

All-Star zeros in New York

Clayton Kershaw’s only career game on July 16 was the 2013 All-Star Game in New York, where he pitched a scoreless inning.

4 starts & an All-Star Game

Keeping track of Clayton Kershaw’s five career appearances on July 15, which includes the 2014 All-Star Game.

An All-Star loss

Clayton Kershaw’s only career start on July 14 was an All-Star Game in 2015, in which Kershaw allowed a pair of runs and took the loss.

Dueling Claytons

A start for Clayton Kershaw on July 13, 2012, a battle with Clayton RIchard of the Padres.

The All-Star debut

Clayton Kershaw made his All-Star Game debut on July 12, 2011, and also started twice during the regular season on this date.

A streak ends

Clayton Kershaw on July 10 had a complete game win with 11 strikeouts but saw his 41-inning scoreless streak snapped. He also made an All-Star appearance on this date.

All-Star worthy

A look back at Clayton Kershaw on July 9, including two wins, including a complete game, and an All-Star Game appearance.

25 strikeouts, no walks

Clayton Kershaw won both of his career starts to date on July 8, stellar performances with 25 total strikeouts and no walks.

A trio of gems

Clayton Kershaw in his three career starts on July 7 has allowed one run in 22 innings, winning all three games.

Hit parade

Clayton Kershaw was cruising in his only July 6 start, back in 2012, until the Diamondbacks got four straight hits off him in a five-run inning that spelled doom for the Dodgers.

The top 50

Clayton Kershaw pitched seven innings in a no-decision in his lone July 5 start, and also reached the top 50 all-time in strikeouts along the way.

Spotless on Independence Day

Clayton Kershaw on July 4 had two excellent starts: 8 scoreless innings at Coors Field, and flirting with a no-hitter against the Diamondbacks at home.

3 starts, 3 runs on the 3rd

Clayton Kershaw in his career has started three times on July 3, and has allowed three total runs.

The Coors Field shutout

A look at Clayton Kershaw’s two career starts on July 2, including one of his worst outings and one of his best, the latter a shutout of the Rockies at Coors Field.

The halfway point

A look back at the three career starts for Clayton Kershaw on July 1, the last of which came in 2012.

Strikeouts galore

Clayton Kershaw has 32 total strikeouts in 3 career starts on June 29.

A milestone start

Clayton Kershaw only made one career start to date on June 28, allowing one run in five innings against the Cubs in the second start back off the injured list for the Dodgers pitcher.

Nothing to show for it

Both of Clayton Kershaw’s career starts on June 27 lasted seven innings with no walks, but despite the solid efforts the Dodgers lost both games.

Deuces wild

A look at all six career starts for Clayton Kershaw on June 26, an even mix of wins and losses for the longtime Dodgers ace.

Scoreless starts, and Zack Greinke

A look at Clayton Kershaw’s three career starts on June 24, which include a pair of scoreless outings and one no-decision in which he allowed a home run to Zack Greinke.

The major league rehab start

Looking back at one of the shortest starts of Clayton Kershaw’s career, a three-inning start on June 23, 2018 against the Mets in New York in the Dodgers left-hander’s first start back from the injured list.

A pair of losses

A look at both Clayton Kershaw starts on June 22, both losses for the Dodgers’ ace.

Trudging through the low points

Clayton Kershaw has started three times in his career on June 21. Two of those starts coincided with two of the Dodgers’ lowest points of the past decade.

A pair of gems and a duel

A look at Clayton Kershaw’s three career starts on June 20, two of which were excellent.

Home runs? No problem

Clayton Kershaw allowed four home runs to the Mets in his only June 19 start, in 2017, but he also struck out 10 and got amazing run support for the win.

Near perfection

Clayton Kershaw pitched his no-hitter on June 18, and it’s not his only scoreless start on this date.

Lone star(t) state

Clayton Kershaw has just one career start against the Rangers, the team he grew up watching, and it came in 2015.

Stingy on June 16

A look back at both June 16 starts for Clayton Kershaw, who allowed one run in 13 innings in those 2009-10 starts.

A few near misses

A look at Clayton Kershaw’s four career starts on June 15.