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We miss you a lot, Vin Scully

A remembrance of Vin Scully, who touched so many generations of baseball fans in his legendary career.

All according to plan

Terms and conditions may apply. The One-Win Team was a generational, organizational failure. And the grand scheme, it’s all gone according to plan.

Tyler Anderson is now gone. What about Andrew Heaney?

After Tyler Anderson signed with the Angels, another left-hander became much more likely to return to the Dodgers in 2023: Andrew Heaney.

Why I voted for Dave Roberts to win Manager of the Year

I voted for the Dodgers’ Dave Roberts to win National League Manager of the Year in 2022. Here is my ballot and explanation.

Clayton Kershaw’s 14 innings of perfection, as seen in person

Or "A made-up stat for no one but me, which I now share with you." In Michael Elizondo’s travels this year, Clayton Kershaw was perfect for 14 straight innings. It seems appropriate to acknowledge that quirk of scheduling, brilliance, and timing at this juncture.

Dodgers nearing decision time on Cody Bellinger

Cody Bellinger is projected to make roughly $18 million through salary arbitration in 2023, but after two miserable seasons will the Dodgers tender the former MVP a contract by the November 18 deadline?

The Dodgers’ hard mode problem revisited

Or "It’s not just you, the Dodgers were scoring in ways we have not really seen before." Did the 2022 Dodgers improve with center-cut fastballs? This essay revisits the hypothesis of a Fangraphs article from July 2022 on this very subject.

Miguel Vargas’ path to playing time in 2023

How the Dodgers approach this offseason will determine their 2023 plans for Miguel Vargas, a top hitting prospect who doesn’t have anything left to prove in the minors.

The Giants’ Lament

Or "Another way to look at the 2022 Dodgers during the year." Before delving into anything controversial, it’s worth noting that the Dodgers’ mastery over the Giants in 2022 may have had an unintended consequence.

An argument for the Dodgers to non-tender Cody Bellinger

Or "In light of the NLDS failure, the Dodgers are likely to non-tender 2019 MVP Cody Bellinger." Or "In light of the NLDS failure, the Dodgers are likely to non-tender 2019 MVP Cody Bellinger." The One-Win Team did not hit much as a whole during the NLDS. We look at one such example. And on that note, it is probably time to say goodbye to Cody Bellinger.

Life is unfair, but the MLB playoff format is fine

Or "Major League Baseball should NOT adopt a President’s trophy for the best record in the league" Or "Major League Baseball should NOT adopt a President’s trophy for the best record in the league" This installment of The One-Win Team addresses the frivolous argument that the new playoff format is biased or puts the Dodgers at any sort of disadvantage.

Game over: The introduction of The One-Win Team

Or "A new series where we break down what went wrong with the 2022 Dodgers" The 2022 Los Angeles Dodgers earned a nickname that will linger in team history.

Dodgers pitching strategy unraveled in disastrous 7th inning in Game 4

The Dodgers NLDS pitching strategy backfired in Games 3 and 4 in San Diego, both losses to the Padres to lose the series three games to one.

The Dodgers failed to meet their own expectations

The Dodgers had a great regular season with 111 wins, but did not play well enough to win a single postseason series. The incredibly disappointing finish fell well short of the team’s lofty goals.

Starting Tony Gonsolin in Game 3 didn’t work out for the Dodgers

The Dodgers decided to start a depleted Tony Gonsolin in Game 3 of the NLDS, and it didn’t work out, with Gonsolin recording only four outs, far shorter than they were hoping. Now, LA’s backs are against the wall.

Bellinger’s elite defense is keeping him in the lineup

Cody Bellinger has struggled all season at the plate and has just one hit in six at-bats so far in the NLDS. But his excellent catch in centerfield in Game 2 illustrated why Bellinger remains in the Dodgers lineup, at least against right-handed pitchers.

Julio Urías was the right call to start Game 1

The Dodgers made the right call to start Julio Urías in Game 1 of the NLDS, rather than a convoluted scenario that might have involved potential relief work later in the series.

A fan’s guide to a Dodgers-Padres NLDS

Breaking down the Dodgers/Padres National League Division Series. This series should be a lot of fun. So let’s try and enjoy it!

The 2022 Dodgers with the bases loaded

The 2022 Dodgers were not very good when the bases were loaded. But were they are bad as you think? The answer may surprise you.

3 thoughts heading into the Dodgers postseason

The Dodgers starting rotation is one of its great strengths even if the group is somewhat limited. Plus how Andrew Heaney might be used in the postseason, and whether Trea Turner can turnaround his career playoff woes.

Dodgers face an NLDS challenge whether facing the Mets or Padres

The Dodgers will face either the Mets or Padres in the National league Division Series. Here’s a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each potential Los Angeles opponent.

Figuring out how the Dodgers will use their pitchers in the postseason

A look at the Dodgers pitching options for the postseason, including a handful of arms fighting their way back from injury.

Final regular season adventure & road trip of 2022: All things must pass

Or "Three Wild Days and Nights in San Diego" or "Rock bottom for our northern cousins." The Traveling Correspondent writes about his traveling as a correspondent, while seeing the Dodgers take two of three from the Padres in San Diego and win a final game in San Francisco. Overall, the Dodgers were 14-4 in his presence this season.

The beauty of the 3-inning save

Explaining my love for the three-inning save, one of baseball’s most obscure and beautiful stats. Andre Jackson earned one on Sunday, the second straight year he’s done so.

Farewell, Maury Wills

Maury Wills, who led the league in stolen bases six straight years with the Dodgers, including a record 104 steals in 1962, has died. The five-time All-Star and former National League MVP was remembered as a player and mentor, the latter especially to Dodgers manager Dave Roberts.

MLB should reseed teams after the wild card round

MLB doesn’t reseed playoff teams after the wild card round, so it’s likely the Dodgers as the No. 1 seed in the National League would have to face a better team in the NL Division Series than the No. 2 seed will.

Dodgers found the best version of themselves to win the NL West

The Dodgers are National League West division champions again, with the best team of their 10-year streak of making the postseason.

Trayce Thompson stands out in Dodgers quartet vying for playing time

Trayce Thompson has hit very well in two and a half months since joining the Dodgers, and with Cody Bellinger, Chris Taylor, and Joey Gallo struggling, Thompson has earned the right to play more regularly.

Dodgers pitching staff is on an historic run, built on depth

The Dodgers have been fueled by a dominant pitching staff for several years running. They’ve gotten it done with an ever-changing cast of characters, shrewd moves, and most-importantly, depth.

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Money(ball)! / Law Talk Crossover: Funicular Fight, Part 1

Or "Crash Course in Environmental Law and Administrative Law." The issues involving the gondola go up for discussion with the hopes that the debate does not get carried away.

What the Dodgers got back in Dustin May

Dustin May was great in his first start back after Tommy John surgery, and it’s hard not to look ahead to how the Dodgers will use the right-hander in October.

On the Road with Eli(zondo) and Adric: 2022 ranking of MLB stadiums

The first-half is over. It’s time for a list of where I have been. A subjective guide to the sixteen ballparks that I have been to, so far, during my time as a Dodger fan.