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Tony Gonsolin’s case for starting the All-Star Game

The case for Dodgers pitcher Tony Gonsolin to start the All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium, and the history of league leaders in wins & ERA starting the midsummer classic.

In defense of the Manfred Man

Or "How I learned to stop worrying and love the Manfred Man." The 2022 Dodgers have some holes - whether those holes are fatal to a title is an open question.

Sandy Koufax statue unveiling highlights the connection of generations of Dodgers greats

A statue of Sandy Koufax was unveiled Saturday at Dodger Stadium, highlighting the connection between great Dodgers past and present and baseball’s ever-present connection with its past.

What Walker Buehler’s injury means for the Dodgers in the short term & long term

A look at how the Dodgers’ pitching needs in the wake of Walker Buehler getting shut down for two months with a flexor tendon strain in his right forearm.

A pep talk for the readership

Remembering the eight-game, four-city trip from 2021 that eventually became known as #SaveEli. Or, why the Dodgers going 4-9 this year is annoying but not lethal. Everybody needs to calm down.

What if Jackie Robinson debuted too soon? A remembrance of Glenn Burke

Or "We remember the first openly gay player in the four major American professional sports." The Dodgers have helped quite a few players breakthrough barriers into Major League Baseball. It is now time to reflect on one player where they (and the times) fell short.

An open letter to the Dodgers regarding security at Dodger Stadium

Or "I have been meaning to write this letter for a long time, but events in the first week of May 2022 have forced my hand." Or "I have noticed a trend and I am tired of getting pings about fights in the Dodger Stadium parking lot."

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It’s not my Money(ball)! - Part 4 - Lilliputian’s Wrath

Or "Exhibit A of the Abusive Franchise: The Oakland Athletics" An essay in the multi-part series where the financial problems in baseball are examined in detail.

The Dodgers rotation, 2 weeks into the season

A look at the Dodgers starting pitching, two weeks into the season.

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Law Talk: The Legal Troubles of Trevor Bauer, Act 1

TrueBlueLA’s Traveling Correspondent puts on his day cap on to talk law, so you can talk competently about the Trevor Bauer affair. Or that was the original plan. Then the situation started to repeat itself. And a new series begins.

Walker Buehler takes opening day torch from Clayton Kershaw

Dodgers ace Walker Buehler was solid in first career opening day start, beating the Rockies. It was a changing of the guard after over a decade of Clayton Kershaw starting the first game of the season for Los Angeles

Dodgers are betting on Gavin Lux

The Dodgers trade of AJ Pollock got them a closer, but also opened up more playing time for Gavin Lux, who is a big part of their future.

Calling out clubhouse dues shows the importance of minor league advocacy

The Dodgers were among a handful of teams who charged minor league players clubhouse dues in spring training, a practice that was outlawed in 2020. After getting called on it, the Dodgers corrected the mistake, which only shows the importance of minor league advocacy.

Clayton Kershaw after the Cy Young years

A look at the still-great years from Clayton Kershaw after 2014, the last time he won a Cy Young Award.

Looking back at Kershaw’s Cy Young Award years

Clayton Kershaw won three Cy Young Awards in four years from 2011-14, but that period doesn’t differ greatly from his career numbers.

Clayton Kershaw is back. Let’s celebrate his career

Kershaw has been an ace well after the end of his prime

Matt Beaty was the Dodgers odd man out

Matt Beaty had a specific role with the Dodgers, a coveted bat off the bench. But with the designated hitter that’s not needed as much, and he fell down the depth chart. Beaty was designated for assignment on Wednesday.

Freddie Freeman boosts an already potent Dodgers lineup

The Dodgers lineup was in pretty good shape before signing Freddie Freeman, but the former MVP adds an extra dimension to the National League favorites.

This is all so unnecessary

There’s no good reason why Major League Baseball canceled the first week of the regular season. The league-induced lockout, and owners’ inability to reach agreement on a new labor deal is as damning as it was easily avoidable.

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It’s not my Money(ball)!: Delayed regular season edition

Or "Feeling Sour but Not Going to the Tower" or "Funny Money: How the Dodgers really have no business signing Freddie Freeman." A multi-part examination on financial issues in Major League Baseball. This essay follows up as to Parts 1 and 2 and generally, the author is grumpy because the regular season has been officially delayed.

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Where owners & players are at in MLB labor negotiations

A closer look at the major issues at play during the MLB lockout, and what the players and owners want during labor negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement.

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A deep dive into the reporting of the MLB labor stoppage

Or "It’s not a both-sides problem, let’s not treat it as such." A multi-part examination on financial issues in Major League Baseball. This essay argues why the current 2022 MLB Labor Stoppage isn’t a both-sides problem and argues that the position that the lockout is the fault of both sides ultimately misses the point.

Minor league players are just costs to MLB

MLB owners’ latest proposal to players included giving the league the ability to reduce the number of minor league players per team from 180 to potentially below 150. It’s the latest attempt by MLB to cut costs at the expense of players.

Adrián González brought credibility to the Dodgers

A look back on what Adrián González brought to the Dodgers, at a time when they very much needed his stability and production.

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It’s not my Money(ball)!

Or How the Owners’ greed likely threatens to torpedo Major League Baseball after causing the first labor stoppage in a quarter-century.

Gil Hodges, the unpretentious star

Dodgers star 1B will be inducted in Cooperstown on July 24.

Dodgers fans guide to MLB labor negotiations

A look at upcoming labor negotiations between players and owners, a potential MLB lockout, and how it would affect the Dodgers during the offseason.

Willie Davis and Jim Gilliam deserve HOF consideration

Don’t forget about former Dodgers Willie Davis and Jim Gilliam when it comes to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Should Max Scherzer be back?

Max Scherzer is a free agent this offseason. He is on the verge of winning the fourth Cy Young Award of his career. With that being said, should the Dodgers bring him back?

Ranking the 8 Dodgers free agents

The Dodgers have eight key free agents this offseason. Who should they focus on the most?

Corey Seager ‘absolutely’ wants to be back

Corey Seager said he "absolutely" wants to return to the Dodgers next season. Will LA try and bring him back?

3 takeaways from the Game 6 loss

The Dodgers were eliminated from the postseason, losing to the Atlanta Braves in Game 6 of the NLCS. Here are three takeaways from the loss.