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Dodgers draft SS Bryan González, RHP Patrick Copen in 6th-7th rounds

The Dodgers drafted pitcher Patrick Copen out of Marshall University in the seventh round of the 2023 MLB Draft.
The Dodgers drafted pitcher Patrick Copen out of Marshall University in the seventh round of the 2023 MLB Draft.
Photo: Marshall University

We’re going to combine a few Day 2 draft picks here. The Dodgers took shortstop Bryan González out of the Carlos Beltran Academy in Puerto Rico in the sixth round, then selected Marshall pitcher Patrick Copen in the seventh round.

González doesn’t turn 18 until Saturday, and was rated as one of the top prospects from Puerto Rico this year Baseball America, though just the No. 323 overall prospect in the draft.

From BA’s scouting report on Gonzalez:

Listed at 5-foot-10, 160 pounds, Gonzalez is undersized now, but should add a good amount of strength in the near future, and he has flashed solid hitting ability that’s backed up by sound defensive ability at shortstop. Gonzalez has shown good contact ability in high school, though his swing features a few moving parts that could create timing issues at the next level, especially a happy foot setup in the box that includes multiple toe taps and a big leg kick before his swing.

González is committed to play college ball at Illinois State.

González in the sixth round was picked 190th overall. His slot comes with a recommended slot value of $290,100. Copen in the seventh round at No. 220 overall has a recommended slot value of $228,000.

Copen had a 6.30 ERA in three years at Marshall, with 102 walks and 166 strikeouts in 161⅓ innings, including a 5.82 ERA this year as a junior.

Listed at 6’6, 220 pounds, Copen sure seems like a project. He was rated the No. 289 prospect by Baseball America, noting in his scouting report, “While Copen’s numbers don’t jump off the page with a career ERA of 6.30, his body and stuff gives whichever organization selects him great clay to mold.”

Last week, Copen talked to Tim Stephens at the Herald-Dispatch in West Virginia about his experience at the draft combine in June, and his expectations for the draft:

He said he wouldn’t be surprised if one calls his name from the draft in Seattle. He said if none does, or if the offer made to him isn’t enticing, he will return to the Thundering Herd for his senior season.

“Where I go isn’t the most important thing to me,” said Copen, a fan of the Cincinnati Reds. “It’s a vehicle to get where I want to go, pitching in the major leagues. It doesn’t matter to me which team. I’m confident and grateful for the opportunity to get drafted.”

Copen is the first Dodger drafted out of Marshall University.