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Dodgers 2023 draft picks signing their first professional contracts

We are four weeks out from the 2023 MLB Draft, and several Dodgers draft picks have made their professional debuts in the Arizona Complex League, and a few have already joined Low-A Rancho Cucamonga.

Some, like first-round pick Kendall George and sixth-rounder Bryan González, even got a trip to Dodger Stadium to face Clayton Kershaw in a simulated game.

But one of my favorite things about the draft each year is when the players sign their first professional contract, the culmination of a years-long dream realized. Most pictures are taken in the same room at Camelback Ranch in Arizona, including some pictures with family, and the obligatory pen-to-paper shot.

Here’s a collection of Dodgers draft picks in 2023 signing their first contracts, as shared on social media.

Jake Gelof (2nd round) & Brady Smith (3rd round)

Wyatt Crowell (4th round) & Eriq Swan (4th round supplemental)

Joe Vetrano (5th round) & Jaron Elkins (8th round)

Ryan Brown (9th round) & Carson Hobbs (11th round)

Alex Makarewich (13th round) & Jordan Thompson (15th round)

Luke Fox (17th round) & Sterling Patick (18th round)