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Dodgers 2013 Minor League Countdown: 100 - 81

The talent increases as we move into the top 100 Dodger minor league players

Eric Smith is new to the position of catcher, but he has caught on quick
Eric Smith is new to the position of catcher, but he has caught on quick
Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

After a bit of a break we jump back into the Dodger minor league countdown for 2013, and we are now finally into the top 100. While the talent of this group is still a ways off from being elite, there are definitely players in this group who have the potential to turn into solid prospects down the road. There are also some older guys who aren't ever going to be top prospects, but could still potentially help the big league club as soon as this season.

100. Scott Wingo, 2B (109 games in HiA in 2012)
Drafted by Dodgers 2011, 11th round
5’11”, 175 lbs, 24 years old, bats left handed
.246 average, .705 OPS, 2 HR’s, 33 RBI’s, 13 SB’s
Pre 2012 Rank: 92; Pre 2011 Rank: N/A

As I mentioned last year, Scott Wingo left South Carolina as a baseball hero. He scored the winning run in the 2010 College World Series, then led the Gamecocks to another title in 2011 while being named the College World Series most outstanding player. His overall college stats in 2011 were a .338 average, 4 homers, and an outstanding .467 OB% thanks to a 44 to 36 walk to strikeout ratio. After a solid professional debut in the Pioneer League that included an OPS of .922, Wingo moved up to the California League in 2012 where he was much less impressive. While he continued to walk at good clip, his average fell to .246 and his OPS dropped to .705. He also was caught in 8 of his 21 stolen base attempts and ended the season in an ugly slump. He’s a very hard worker, however, so I wouldn’t count him out just yet. At 24 years old Scott would have been a perfect candidate to move up to AA in 2013, but with his below average season it seems likely he’ll return to the Quakes.

99. Gregory Infante, RHP (32 IP in AAA, 1 IP in AA in 2012 – all w/White Sox)
Signed as minor league free agent in 2012
6’2”, 215 lbs, 25.75 years old
4-1, 3.55 ERA, 1.39 WHIP, 3.78 FIP, 5.73 K/9
Pre 2012 Rank: N/A

Originally signed by the White Sox in 2006 out of Venezuela, Gregory Infante has spent his entire career with Chicago up until this point. He even made it up to the big leagues in 2010 and threw 4.2 scoreless frames, but he didn’t make it back to the show in 2011 or 2012 despite strong stats in the minors. The Dodgers will give him a chance as a non roster spring training invitee, and given that he’s been clocked as high as 98 mph he’s definitely worth a flyer. That being said he’s never been much of a strikeout pitcher because he lacks good secondary pitches, so if he spends 2013 in Albuquerque I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a rough year. So far in spring training he got lit up in a couple of appearances and has already been re-assigned to minor league camp.

98. Lindsey Caughel, RHP (42.2 IP in Pioneer Rookie Lg, 17 IP in Arz Rookie Lg in 2012)
Drafted by Dodgers 2012, 23rd round
6’3”, 190 lbs, 22.5 years old
5-4, 3.32 ERA, 1.04 WHIP, 3.33 FIP, 6.49 K/9
Pre 2012 Rank: N/A

Owner of one of the better names in the system, Lindsey Caughel was selected by the Dodgers in the 23rd round of the 2012 draft out of Stetson University. During his senior season Lindsey led the Hatters with 80 strikeouts and posted a 3.86 ERA over 88.2 innings. Upon signing he was assigned to the Arizona Dodgers, but after a month he was promoted to Ogden where he was a key member of the Raptor rotation for the remainder of the season. He not only held his own with a 3.38 ERA in a tough pitching environment, but opposing hitters also batted just .213 against him. At 6’3” Caughel has a perfect pitching frame and while I don’t know much about what types of pitches he throws, a Baseball America pre-draft scouting report from 2011 says that he has an “88-91 mph fastball and curveball earn average grades when he's at his best.” I’m pretty sure Lindsey will join the Loons rotation in 2013 and hopefully he’ll continue to succeed and turn out to be a middle round gem.

97. James Campbell, RHP (15 IP in LoA, 3.2 IP in Pioneer Rookie Lg in 2012)
Drafted by Dodgers 2012, 12th round
6’1”, 195 lbs, 21.5 years old
0-1, 3.86 ERA, 1.34 WHIP, 3.41 FIP, 8.68 K/9
Pre 2012 Rank: N/A

The Dodgers selected James Campbell out of Stony Brook in the 12th round of the most recent draft. After posting a 3.04 ERA in 2011 through 26.1 innings, James went a perfect 5 - 0 in 2012 and recorded a 2.92 ERA. Over 52.1 innings he struck out 38, walked 14, and held opposing batters to a .206 average. Upon signing James joined the Raptors in the Pioneer League but was only with them for a few games before being promoted to LoA. With the Loons Campbell was very solid in 2 starts and 7 relief appearances, allowing just 10 hits in 15 innings and recording a 2.40 ERA. While I don’t know much about his stuff, the fact that Campbell succeed in his short stint in the Midwest League makes me hopeful that he has at least a few solid pitches. In 2013 I expect the 21 year old to return to the Loons, although it’s yet to be determined if he’ll be used more as a starter or more out of the bullpen.

96. Arismendy Ozoria, RHP (115.2 IP in LoA in 2012)
Signed by Dodgers 11/22/08
6’0”, 195 lbs, 22.5 years old
8-8, 4.51 ERA, 1.50 WHIP, 4.36 FIP, 5.99 K/9
Pre 2012 Rank: 67; Pre 2011 Rank: 70; Pre 2010 Rank: 106; Pre 2009 Rank: N/A

Arismendy Ozoria started his career in the Dominican Summer League back in 2009, but just two short years later he had already made his way up to HiA. Unfortunately he struggled for the first time while in the California League as he had a 5.60 ERA for the Quakes in 2011 and allowed a team high 16 homers. Given that Ozoria was only 21 years old to start the 2012 season the Dodgers decided to move him back down to a more pitcher friendly environment so he spent the season with the Loons. Arismendy did post better numbers across the board in the Midwest League and he ended up leading the team with 115.2 innings pitched, however the improvement was marginal. He also continued to strike out batters at a low rate which is generally not a good thing. That being I haven’t lost hope for Ozoria, and I do like the scouting report that our own Eric Stephen was able to provide when he attended a Quakes game in 2011 that he pitched. Eric said that Arismendy was throwing in the low 90’s while hitting 94 mph, and that he also had a really nice slow curveball at around 75 mph. Still just 22 years of age Ozoria appears to be headed for a third straight season of class A ball, although I’m not sure if he’ll be with the Quakes or the Loons in 2013.

95. Nick Akins, LF (29 games in HiA, 55 games in LoA in 2012)
Drafted by Dodgers 2009, 19th round
6’1”, 220 lbs, 25.25 years old, bats right handed
.241 average, .727 OPS, 10 HR’s, 32 RBI’s, 11 SB’s
Pre 2012 Rank: 58; Pre 2011 Rank: 41; Pre 2010 Rank: 56; Pre 2009 Rank: N/A

Nick Akins had an interesting background which I won’t really go into here since I’ve written about it prior years, but the Dodgers always liked him as they drafted him twice, finally getting him to sign in 2009. Akins absolutely crushed the ball in the rookie leagues during his first two professional seasons, but his first real test came in 2011 when spent the year in played in the Midwest League. Injuries played a part in his down year, but when you hit .219 there are other problems with your game. Despite his struggles Akins actually made it up to the California League in 2012 which is where I always thought he’d have a huge season given the friendly hitting environment, but was I ever wrong. After about a month and a half with the Quakes Nick had an OPS of just .630 due to the fact that he had collected just 6 extra base hits. Therefore Akins was demoted back to LoA where he improved in some areas, but hit just .238 over the rest of the season. At this point I’m not quite sure what to make of Akins, although this quote from back in 2011 from his manager at the time John Shoemaker makes a lot of sense: “Nick is a confident ball player with tremendous bat speed and tremendous power. What he needs to do, to continue to move up the Dodgers' system and become a big league ballplayer, is to gain plate awareness and plate discipline. He is going to strike out. We're just hoping that he can limit the strikeouts. He needs to use the whole field. If he eliminates (his hits) from center field over to right, he can be pitched to. He just needs to let the pitcher supply his power." Nick will probably be back with the Quakes for 2013 and hopefully he’ll show some improvement, but at 25 years old he’s really going to have to step it up soon.

94. Luis Vasquez, RHP (8 IP in AAA, 45 IP in AA in 2012)

Signed by Dodgers 10/20/03
6’4”, 175 lbs, 27 years old
2-3, 7.47 ERA, 1.91 WHIP, 4.94 FIP, 6.62 K/9
Pre 2012 Rank: 65; Pre 2011 Rank: 47; Pre 2010 Rank: 174; Pre 2009 Rank: 130

Signed way back in 2003, Luis Vasquez was just another no name minor leaguer until after the 2010 season when he was a surprise addition to Dodgers 40 man roster. While he had always been known as a hard thrower, it was at that point that most of us learned that he had a fastball that had been clocked as high as 100 mph. Unfortunately his time on the 40 man roster was short lived as injuries and an extremely high walk rate caused the Dodgers to outright him just 7 months later. Since that time Vasquez has continued to struggle, basically missing the rest of the 2011 season and then struggled throughout all of 2012. The good news is that he has been able to make it all the way up to AAA, but when you continue to average more than 6 walks per 9 innings you aren’t going to get any further than that. Probably the most surprising thing is that he strikeout rate continues to be so low despite such a live fastball. That almost certainly means that his secondary pitches of a curveball and changeup are probably below average. Now 27 Vasquez will probably continue to help out of the bullpen in either AA or AAA, but unless he miraculously improves his walk rate the Dodgers will probably let him go after the 2013 season.

93. Raydel Sanchez, RHP (95 IP in LoA in 2012)
Signed by Dodgers prior to the 2011 season
6’0”, 205 lbs, 23 years old
3-8, 4.64 ERA, 1.33 WHIP, 5.38 FIP, 5.78 K/9
Pre 2012 Rank: 81; Pre 2011 Rank: N/A

Raydel Sanchez is a Cuban pitcher who defected to the US during his Cuban team’s tournament in Edmonton, Canada. After his defection Sanchez attended Miami Dade Junior College, but instead of getting drafted he eventually signed with the Dodgers for $125K after a tryout in Los Angeles. Sanchez’s professional debut came in the Pioneer Rookie League in 2011 where he had a solid season. His most impressive stats were his strikeout to walk ratio which was better than 4.5 to 1, and his K/9 of 9.2. Raydel made the logical move to LoA in 2012 and while his ERA was almost the same as the prior year, his peripheral stats were much worst. While he continued to limit the number of walks he issued, his strikeout numbers came way down. His biggest flaw, however, was that the allowed a team high 17 homers in what is supposed to be a pitcher friendly league. That being said Sanchez did show flashes of brilliance at times, including 7 innings of no-hit ball in just his second start of the season. Also while I’m not sure what kind of velocity he has on his fastball, he’s supposed to have a good slider and he also added a changeup to his repertoire this year. At 23 years old Raydel still has some time to improve, although he faces a big challenge if he moves up to HiA like I expect him to.

92. Wascar Teodo, RHP (54 IP in DSL in 2012)
Signed by Dodgers 5/18/2011
6’4”, 190 lbs, 18.75 years old
3-0, 1.67 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 3.29 FIP, 7.00 K/9
Pre 2012 Rank: N/A

Wascar Teodo was signed by the Dodgers out of the Dominican Republic in May of 2011, but he didn’t make his professional debut until 2012…and boy what a great debut it was. As one of the youngest players on the team Wascar dominated the opposition as opposing batters hit just .183 against him for the season. He started the year in the bullpen, but was moved to the rotation in July where he made 6 starts. At one point towards the end of the season he even had a 24 inning scoreless streak. The only thing that wasn’t extremely impressive about his season was his strikeout rate, but those will probably come with time. Like most players in the Dominican Summer League it’s tough to judge if this great season will translate into success in a US based league, but I think Teodo has a better chance than most give his age and his solid 6’4” frame. Given that the Dodgers were aggressive with a few of the young Dominican pitchers last year, my guess is that Wascar will be in Arizona in 2013 where we’ll be able to better judge his prospect status.

91. Michael Pericht, C (40 games in HiA, 14 games in LoA, 10 games in Arz Rookie Lg in 2012)
Drafted by Dodgers 2009, 16th round
6’5”, 235 lbs, 24.75 years old, bats right handed
.229 average, .784 OPS, 12 HR’s, 36 RBI’s, 1 SB
Pre 2012 Rank: 85; Pre 2011 Rank: 68; Pre 2010 Rank: 90; Pre 2009 Rank: N/A

Michael Pericht is a big catcher who was drafted by the Dodgers in the 16th round back in 2009. After a lackluster debut in Arizona, Pericht moved up to the Pioneer League in 2010 got off to a very hot start for the Raptors as he hit all 9 of his homers for the season before the end of July. While he slumped to end the 2010 season, he still managed to finish the year with a .832 OPS. In 2011 “Big Mike” spent the year as the Loons’ primary backstop, and while didn't have an overly impressive season at the plate he was solid for most of the year with 11 homers and an OPS of almost .800. That brings us to 2012 which was an interesting year for Pericht. He started the season in the California League as the Quakes backup catcher, but after a quiet April he caught fire in May and stayed hot until early June. At his peak Michael’s OPS was well over 1.100, and he hit 10 homers over a 6 week span. Unfortunately he hurt his ankle walking up the dugout steps, and after trying to play through the pain he was eventually put on the DL. When he returned to action in the Arizona Rookie League and later in LoA he just wasn’t the same as he hit just .163 the rest of the way. Outside of his late season struggles the other concern for Pericht is his strikeout rate which has always been very high and was all the way up at 34.9% in 2012. At the end of day Michael obviously has big time power, but without becoming more consistent and fixing the hole in his swing he’s going to have a tough time moving up through the system. He’ll probably return to the California League in 2013 where hopefully he can stay healthy and continue to improve.

90. Gustavo Gomez, RHP (110.1 IP in LoA in 2012)

Signed by Dodgers 1/2/08
6’2”, 210 lbs, 21.75 years old
8-8, 5.63 ERA, 1.60 WHIP, 4.57 FIP, 6.28 K/9
Pre 2012 Rank: 62; Pre 2011 Rank: 60; Pre 2010 Rank: 65; Pre 2009 Rank: 113

Signed by the Dodgers out of Panama as a 17 year old in 2008, Gustavo Gomez spent two seasons in the DSL before the jump to the Arizona Rookie League in 2010. It was in Arizona that Gomez started to turn some heads as he posted a 1.23 ERA in the second half of the season and was mentioned by DeJon Watson as one of the players to keep an eye on in the future. After a rough start in 2011 with the Loons he was sent back to the Pioneer League where he didn’t have a great ERA, but showed plus stuff by posting an K/9 of 12, which was very impressive for a 20 year old. Gomez returned to the Midwest League in 2012 and while he ranked second on the Loons with 110.1 IP and 77 strikeouts, he had a pretty rough year with a 5.63 ERA. His K/9 also plummeted which is perplexing to me. In terms of his stuff former coaches have described him as having a good power fastball and a good change-up, and other reports have him reaching 94 mph. At just 21 years old Gomez is still very young and while 2012 wasn’t his year, he has shown flashes of brilliance in the past that make him at least a marginal prospect. He’ll probably return to Great Lakes for another season in 2013, although the Dodgers could also give him a change of scenery and move him up to HiA.

89. C.J. Retherford, 3B (44 games in AA, 74 games in HiA in 2012)
Signed as minor league FA before 2012 season
5’10”, 195 lbs, 27.5 years old, bats right handed
.311 average, .913 OPS, 23 HR’s, 92 RBI’s, 11 SB’s
Pre 2012 Rank: N/A

Undrafted out of college, C.J. Retherford was signed by the White Sox as a non drafted free agent in 2007. He immediately had success in the Pioneer League with a 13 homers and a 1.002 OPS in his professional debut, then followed that up with a solid season in the Carolina League (HiA) in 2008 and another great year in the Southern League (AA) in 2009. After the 2009 season he was rated as the 15th best player in the White Sox organization by Baseball America, and things were looking up for C.J. Things turned around quickly, however, and Retherford was so bad in 2010 that he was released prior to the 2011 season. After that be bounced around between the Braves and Tigers, and eventually found his way to independent baseball where he must have looked good because the Dodgers signed him before the 2012 season. Placed in the hitter friendly California League, Retherford found new life as one of the older players in the league and crushed 20 homers in just 74 games for the Quakes. That earned him a promotion to AA in July, but unfortunately he struggled over the final two months. Nevertheless the Dodgers re-signed C.J. after the season so he’ll be back in the organization for 2013. Now 27 he’ll probably return to AA as the Lookouts 3rd baseman, and this year will probably be his last chance to really impress against the more advanced competition.

88. Nick Buss, CF (132 games in AA in 2012)
Drafted by Dodgers 2008, 8th round
6’2”, 195 lbs, 26.25 years old, bats left handed
.272 average, .739 OPS, 8 HR, 57 RBI’s, 19 SB’s
Pre 2012 Rank: 74; Pre 2011 Rank: 103; Pre 2010 Rank: 80; Pre 2009 Rank: 27

After a slow start to his professional career, Nick Buss had an outstanding season for the Quakes in 2011. While he was a little bit old for the league, his.328 average led the team that season, as did his 28 stolen bases. He also showed pop with 14 homers, struck out in just 11.9% of plate appearances, and was nearly flawless in center field. That made it easy for the Dodgers to send the former USC standout to AA in 2012, and while he had a decent season for the Lookouts it was nowhere near his standout performance with the Quakes. In the less hitter friendly confines of the Southern League “Chili” saw his average drop to .272 and his OPS fall more than 140 points to .739. He did lead Chattanooga with 10 triples, but his base running skills took a hit as he was caught in 13 of his 32 stolen base attempts. At the end of the day Buss still has decent skills across the board, it’s just that he doesn’t really have any standout abilities. In 2013 his destination will depend upon how crowded the outfield situation is in Albuquerque, and while I don’t really think he has a chance at ever making it to the big leagues, I believe he’ll be a serviceable AAA player over the next few years.

87. Jacob Scavuzzo, OF (24 games in Arz Rookie Lg in 2012)
Drafted by Dodgers 2012, 21st round
6’4”, 185 lbs, 19 years old, bats right handed
.220 average, .598 OPS, 1 HR, 6 RBI’s, 7 SB’s
Pre 2012 Rank: N/A

High school players don’t usually sign when they are picked after the 20th round, but that wasn’t the case with Jacob Scavuzzo. My guess is that because Scavuzzo didn’t really have a huge season as a high school senior (he hit .382 for with four triples and 10 RBI’s) he didn’t really have many college scholarship offers, so when he Dodgers drafted him he jumped at the opportunity. Another presumption of mine is that the Dodgers drafted Jacob not because of his current abilities, but more so because they are betting on his upside down the road given his big frame and raw athletic ability. Upon signing Jacob was sent to the Arizona Rookie League where struggled through his first professional season. Through 24 games Scavuzzo managed just 5 extra base hits which led to an ugly OPS of .598. He also struck out in 30% of his plate appearances, although he did get one ball to leave the yard and was successful in 7 of his 9 stolen base attempts. One other piece of good news is that Jacob has the ability to play center field, and he was even listed in Baseball America’s center field depth in the most recent version of their prospect handbook. Given his age and inexperience Scavuzzo will probably return to Arizona for the upcoming

86. Josmar Cordero, C/1B (60 games in DSL in 2012)
Signed by Dodgers 3/10/10
5’10, 175 lbs, 21.5 years old, bats right handed
.362 average, .952 OPS, 6 HR’s, 47 RBI’s, 9 SB’s
Pre 2012 Rank: 125; Pre 2011 Rank: 156; Pre 2010 Rank: N/A

Josmar Cordero was signed out of Venezuela prior to the 2010 season and his first two seasons in the Dominican Summer League were average at best. Then came 2012 which is when Cordero became by far the most talked about player on the Dominican Dodgers roster. Cordero not only led the Dodgers in virtually every offensive category, but his name was also scattered all over the overall DSL leader board, including ranking 3rd in average (.362) and 4th in OPS (.952). He also struck out in just 7.8% of his plate appearances and even stole 9 bases. All that being said, Cordero was a little old for the league. He was basically the same age as a lot of the college players the Dodgers selected in the 2012 draft, and if those players were sent to the DSL instead of the Pioneer League you would think they would dominate the competition as well. In addition while Josmar is thought of as a catcher, he actually spent more time at 1st base in 2012 so I’m wondering what his long term position will be. Since I thought Cordero would get a mid season promotion to the Arizona League last season, there is no doubt that he’ll be in the US in 2013 and he may even skip over Arizona at this point give his age. How he does against more advanced competition will really dictate his prospect status going forward.

85. Eric Smith, C (63 games in Pioneer Rookie Lg in 2012)
Drafted by Dodgers 2012, 18th round
6’1”, 190 lbs, 22.5 years old, bats left handed
.336 average, .909 OPS, 3 HR’s, 55 RBI’s, 2 SB’s
Pre 2012 Rank: N/A

Eric Smith is a local boy who attended La Canada High School and grew up as a Dodger fan. Undrafted out of high school, Smith went to Stanford where he was used sparingly as a backup infielder during his first two years there. During his junior season, however, he was converted to catcher and that’s when things really started to come together for him. As Stanford’s starting backstop Eric hit .321 and was drafted by the Dodgers in the 18th round. Upon signing Smith was sent to Ogden and he had immediate success in the hitter friendly Pioneer League. He was among the league leaders in several offensive categories, and also showed a great eye at the plate as he walked more than he struck out. In terms of his defense Smith posted a .991 fielding % despite being so new to the position, although his caught stealing percentage was only 22% so that could use some improvement. In 2013 Smith will most likely move up to LoA where he’ll face a much more challenging hitting environment. While his stats will almost certainly decline from 2012, if he can hold his own and continue to improve behind the plate he could turn into a decent catching prospect for the Dodgers.

84. Jackson Mateo, RHP (4 IP in LoA, 36.1 IP in Arizona Rookie Lg in 2012)
Signed by Dodgers 11/13/09
6’0”, 193 lbs, 20.5 years old
4-1, 3.12 ERA, 1.75 WHIP, 4.29 FIP, 7.14 K/9
Pre 2012 Rank: 90; Pre 2011 Rank: 75; Pre 2010 Rank: N/A

After a couple of outstanding season in the Dominican Summer League during which he kept his ERA below 2.00, Jackson Mateo was promoted to the Arizona Rookie League in 2012 where he was a key member of the Dodgers bullpen. While he struggled with control for the first time in his career and continued to strike batters out at a fairly low rate, Mateo was still able to find success as his ERA was an excellent 2.72. He even got to make a start in LoA after the Arizona season ended. While I still don’t know how hard he throws or what type of pitches he has, based on this stats over the past three years I’m guessing that Jackson is a sinker type pitcher that relies on the ground ball. In 2013 Mateo will probably return to the Loons, although I’m not sure if his future lies in the bullpen or in the rotation.

83. Ariel Sandoval, OF (Did not play in 2012)
Signed by Dodgers as international FA in 2012
6’2”, 180 lbs, 17 years old, bats right handed
No stats in 2012
Pre 2012 Rank: N/A

Signed out of the Dominican Republic for $150K just a few months ago, Ariel Sandoval is one of the more intriguing international players that the Dodgers brought into the organization. Since there is very little information out there on Ariel, I’ll let Baseball America’s scouting report do the talking: “Sandoval is 6-foot-2, 180 pounds and impressed the Dodgers with his potential to hit for both average and power from the right side of the plate. He's an above-average runner who should begin his career in center field, though he has the arm strength to play right field if he outgrows the position.” While he’s still young and probably very raw, that report makes it sound like he has the potential to have at least 4 above average tools, which bodes well for his future. The youngster will almost certainly start his career in the Dominican Summer League where he’ll be another player to keep tabs on for the upcoming season.

82. Tyler Ogle, C (1 game in AAA, 18 games in LoA, 8 games in Pioneer Rookie Lg, 16 games in Arz Rookie Lg in 2012)
Drafted by Dodgers 2011, 9th round
5’11”, 193 lbs, 22.5 years old, bats right handed
.340 average, 1.021 OPS, 9 HR’s, 38 RBI’s, 1 SB
Pre 2012 Rank: 91; Pre 2011 Rank: N/A

Tyler Ogle played his college ball at Oklahoma, and actually took over the catching duties from fellow Dodger farmhand JT Wise. Like Wise, Ogle is an offensive minded catcher, and during his junior year with the Sooners Ogle hit .343 this season with 9 homers and 15 doubles in 201 at bats. After a relatively drawn out process, Ogle finally inked a deal with the Dodgers on August 9th for a reported $100K. Because he signed so late his professional debut lasted just 6 games, so he returned to the Arizona Rookie League in 2012 where he proceeded to tear the cover off the ball. In 16 games Ogle hit .483 with 5 homers and a 1.447 OPS, which earned him a quick promotion to LoA. While he struggled with a .210 average over 62 at bats for the Loons, he did continue to show decent power as he knocked 3 more out of the park. In addition, his season ended in an odd fashion when he was called all the way up to AAA in September, and while that move was out of necessity for a catcher Tyler took advantage by going 3 for 3 with 4 RBI’s in the only game he played for the Isotopes. In terms of his defense, Ogle has room for improvement as so far he’s lived up to his pre-draft scouting report that said he was “a decent defender with fringy arm strength”. In 2013 Ogle will almost certainly start in either LoA or HiA, and given his offensive ability as a catcher he’s definitely someone to keep your eye on in 2013.

81. Osvaldo Martinez, SS (99 games in AAA in 2012)
Trade with White Sox
5’10”, 200 lbs, 24.75 years old, bats right handed
.203 average, .489 OPS, 0 HR’s, 21 RBI’s, 4 SB's
Pre 2012 Rank: N/A

The Dodgers bought low on Ozzie Martinez last July as they acquired him for cash from the White Sox. At the time of the trade Martinez was hitting .178 with a .450 OPS. He didn’t show much improvement after joining Albuquerque as he managed just 2 extra base hits over the final few months of the season, but the Dodgers still might have something with Ozzie as he is still just 24 and actually has 66 big league at bats to his credit. In September of 2010 he was rewarded with a big league call up for hitting .302 in AA and performed very well with the Marlins, collecting 14 hits in 43 at bats. In 2011 he moved between AAA and Miami but was used very sparingly with the big league club and had a down year. He was eventually sent to Chicago in the Ozzie Guillen manager trade in September of 2011, but spent just a few months in the White Sox organization due to his aforementioned deal to the Dodgers. Overall Martinez won’t give you much with his bat although he has shown the ability to hit for average in the past, but it’s his glove and infield arm that keeps him relevant. As recently as last year he was ranked as the #9 prospect in the entire White Sox system, so while his down year in 2012 moves him down the rankings quite a bit he’s someone who might surprise us all in 2013. He was invited to Spring Training by the Dodgers as a non roster player and while he has already been re-assigned to minor league camp, he's a guy who could one day make another surprise appearance in the big leagues.