Dodgers are back in the World Series!


The Dodgers are going back to the World Series!

Dodgers on the cover of SI


The Dodgers are on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week, with the gaudy caption of "Best. Team. Ever?" Dodgers photograhpher Jon SooHoo took the photo that appeared on the cover. (h/t @alannarizzo)

Dodger Magazine with Koufax and Robinson


I was helping to clean out my late Father-in-Law's house when I spotted this 40-page magazine randomly lying inside a cardboard box. The cover photo (pictured) is from June 4, 1972, at the ceremony to retire Dodger numbers for the first time, Sandy Koufax, Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella. It is the most recent event mentioned within the magazine, so I think this magazine was produced by the Dodgers for sale for the 1973 season. Robinson would pass away a little more than four months later at age 53. The magazine was edited by Fred Claire, about 15 years before he would become general manager of the Dodgers.

Are the Dodgers back in Vero Beach?


ESPN has the Dodgers back in the Grapefruit League for some reason. Hat tip to commenter doscinco for spotting this.

August 8, 1954


On this date 61 years ago, Gil Hodges came to the plate three times in the eighth inning as the Dodgers scored 13 times on their way to a 20-7 win over the Reds -- known as the Redlegs in those days. Hodges went 2-for-3 in the inning with a triple, double and flyout to end the inning. After leading off with the triple, Hodges would score on a sac fly three pitches later. The Dodgers scored 12 of the 13 runs in the inning after there were two outs.



We miss this

Sneak peek at Juan Uribe and Yasiel Puig Bobbleheads


Here is a sneak peek at the Juan Uribe and Yasiel Puig bobbleheads that the Dodgers will distribute (to the first 40,000 fans) on July 11 and July 29, respectively, at the games at Dodger Stadium. Click here to see the photo enlarged.