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2013 Dodger draft profiles: C Jake Sidwell, 39th round

The 39th selection of the Dodgers was Jake Sidwell, a high school catcher from Florida

Summary: 39th round pick Jake Sidwell was drafted out of Olympia High School in Florida as an catcher. Sidwell is listed at 5'11", 170 pounds and is 18 years old (will turn 19 in October)

Background information: As Eric mentioned yesterday Jake is the son of Dodger scout Rob Sidwell, so the Dodgers had some incentive to take him in the draft. His baseball team was nationally ranked during his high school career, doing 29 - 1 during his junior season. I was unable to find any stats on him, but I did find his twitter feed which tells me he's a devout Christian.

Scouting report: I haven't found any scouting reports on Sidwell, nor have I seen any of his high school stats. Given that his dad is a scout, however, you can bet that he's had better coaching than most and probably has good mechanics behind the plate and as a hitter. You can see for yourself in these videos of him.

Jake Sidwell - C - Olympia HS - 2013 (via sidthekid313)

Jake Sidwell (via rob sidwell)

Signing Status: It's tough to know. I couldn't find any college commitments for Jake and the fact that he's dad works in the Dodgers organziation gives him a better chance to sign when compared to other 39th round picks out of high school. That being said he's probably better off going to college given that he's not really a top talent and probably wouldn't get much of a bonus.