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2013 Dodger draft profiles: SS Dillon Moyer, 38th round

The 38th selection of the Dodgers was Dillon Moyer, a college shortstop from UC San Diego

Dillon Moyer will try to follow his dad's footsteps into the big leagues
Dillon Moyer will try to follow his dad's footsteps into the big leagues
Otto Greule Jr

Summary: 38th round pick Dillon Moyer was drafted out of UC San Diego as an catcher. Moyer is listed at 6'1", 185 pounds and is almost 22 years old

Background information: Dillon is in fact the son of pitcher Jamie Moyer, although he didn't follow his dad to the mound but instead chose to be a position player. When asked why he didn't become a pitcher, Dillon joked “I guess I wasn’t blessed with the genes to throw very hard. So that didn’t work out in my favor.”

Dillon was drafted coming out of high school by the Twins in the 22nd round, but he chose to go to college instead. He started his college career at UC Irvine, but he never really had much success at the plate and when it didn't look like he'd be a starter in 2013, he decided to transfer to UC San Diego. With the Tritons Dillon got a much better opportunity as he started every game at shortstop.

Scouting report: Moyer didn't hit much at all during his days at UC Irvine, but in 2013 with UC San Diego he had a relatively solid offensive campaign. While he didn't show any power, Dillon hit .298 and tied for first on the team with 15 doubles. He was 15 for 17 on stolen base attempts, and it should also be noted that Moyer is a switch hitter.

Based on what I've read Moyer is a very strong defensive shortstop with good quickness and a great arm. He made 10 errors at in 2013 for a .956 fielding %, but again he spent the entire season at shortstop which is of course the toughest position on the field. Overall he reminds me of Scott Wingo for some reason, with less offense and better defense.

Signing Status: Dillon just finished his junior season, so he has one more year of eligibly left. Being drafted in the 38th round isn't probably what Moyer had hoped for after being a 22nd rounder back in 2010, but he is coming off his strongest college season to date and will lose all leverage if he stays at school one more year. I'd say it's about 50/50 whether he signs or not.