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MLB Draft 2013: Dodgers sign Brandon Dixon (3rd) & Cody Bellinger (4th)

The Dodgers have agreed to terms with seven of their top 10 picks from the 2013 MLB Draft.

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

The Dodgers on Wednesday officially announced the signings of their first two draft picks, and now have also agreed to terms with their third-round pick, University of Arizona third baseman Brandon Dixon, and fourth-round pick, Arizona high school first baseman Cody Bellinger.

Dixon reportedly signed for the slot amount of $566,500, while Bellinger signed for $700,000, well over the slot amount of $409,000, per Jim Callis of Baseball America.

Dixon hit .369/.443/.561 for Arizona in 2013 with 30 stolen bases, 57 runs scored and 51 RBI in 55 games as a junior. He delivered the game-winning hit in the 2012 College World Series for the Wildcats.

On Thursday, Dixon made his intentions clear that he wouldn't return for his senior season in Arizona.

Bellinger was the only high school player selected by the Dodgers in their first 12 picks of the 2013 draft. Just 17, Bellinger is 6'4, 180 pounds and could have the highest upside of any player the Dodgers drafted this year.

The left-hander had a verbal commitment to the University of Oregon, but said last week his intention was to turn pro, and he now has done so.

Bellinger is the son of former Yankees infielder Clay Bellinger, who Cody cited as his biggest influence in baseball.

"He's always been by my side, ever since I can remember," Bellinger said.

Bellinger played in the Little League World Series in 2007 with his Chandler, Ariz. team, coached by his father. The younger Bellinger said the trip to Williamsport "was the greatest experience of my life."

Now that the Dodgers have their top four picks, and seven of their top 10 picks in the fold, we have a better idea of where they stand in terms of their draft pool. They have $5,211,700 to spend on their picks in the first 10 rounds, plus any bonus amount over $100,000 for picks after the 10th round will count against the cap.

Baseball America also reported that the Dodgers signed ninth-round pick Henry Yates for a mere $5,000, well under the slot amount of $143,500 for the No. 274 overall pick.

Here's a look at the Dodgers' top 10 picks and their bonuses.

Dodgers 2013 MLB Draft
Round Player Signed Bonus Slot amount Over (under)
1 Chris Anderson lhp yes $2,109,900 $2,109,900 $0
2 Tom Windle lhp yes $986,500 $986,500 $0
3 Brandon Dixon 3b yes $566,500 $566,500 $0
4 Cody Bellinger 1b yes $700,000 $409,000 $291,000
5 J.D. Underwood rhp no $306,200
6 Jacob Rhame rhp yes $300,000 $229,300 $70,700
7 Brandon Trinkwon ss no $171,900
8 Kyle Farmer c yes unknown $153,600 unknown
9 Henry Yates of yes $5,000 $143,500 ($138,500)
10 Nick Keener rhp no $135,300
Picks 11-40 (bonuses over $100,000) $0 $0
Totals $5,211,700 $223,200 (+4.28%)

If the Dodgers hit five percent over their bonus pool (or $260,585 over), they will have to forfeit a future first round pick in addition to a 75% tax on the overage amount. If they are over but not at five percent over, they would just have to pay the 75% tax.