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2013 Dodger draft profiles: C Kaleb Holbrook, 35th round

The 35th selection of the Dodgers was Kaleb Holbrook, a catcher from a community college in Georgia

Summary: 35th round pick Kaleb Holbrook, drafted out of South Georgia College as a catcher, is listed at 6'0" and 195 pounds. Kaleb is 20.5 years old.

Background information: Kaleb attended Dawson County High School where he hit .410 with 5 homers as a senior, splitting his time between catcher and 3rd base. He wasn't drafted, however, so he decided to attended South Georgia College which is a community college. In 2012, his freshman year, Holbrook batted .307 and while he had just 1 homer he ranked second on his club with 11 doubles. This past season Kaleb had similar stats as he hit .307 with 9 doubles and again had one big fly. You can follow his twitter account here.

Scouting report: Other than his stats, there is not much information available for Kaleb. The one thing I haven't mentioned is his defensive skills behind the plate. From what I can see based on his stats, it looks like he threw out 15 of 57 base stealers, which translates to a 26.3% caught stealing rate.

Signing Status: While Kaleb was playing at a JC and still has college eligibility remaining, my guess is that Holbrook signs with the Dodgers. While he'll probably be deep down on the catching depth charts, he'll at least get the chance to prove himself with an occasional start here or there in either Arizona or Ogden.