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2013 Dodger draft profiles: 2B Tyger Pederson, 33rd round

The 33rd selection of the Dodgers was Tyger Pederson, a 2nd baseman who played his college ball at the University of the Pacific

Joc Pederson's brother will soon be joining him in the organziation
Joc Pederson's brother will soon be joining him in the organziation
Brandon Lennox

Summary: 33rd round pick Tyger Pederson, drafted out of the University of the Pacific as a 2nd baseman, is listed at 5'11" and 175 pounds. Tyger is already 23 years old and will actually turn 24 in October.

Background information: The first thing to know about Tyger is that he is the older brother of Joc Pederson, who as we all know is one of the Dodgers top position prospects. After that, it should be noted that he started his college career at the University of Redlands but was used sparingly during his freshman season so transferred to the University of the Pacific. After red shirting during 2010, Tyger spent the next three seasons as the 2nd baseman for his club, starting most of the games. He also played a little bit of first base and left field.

Scouting report: The older Pederson doesn't seem to have much going for him as he hit just .262 during his senior season and collected just 16 extra base hits during his 3 year career at the University of the Pacific. He didn't show much speed as he was caught in 4 of his 7 stolen base attempts, and he's limited defensively to 2nd base. His ceiling seems to be that of an organizational player who sticks around for a couple of seasons.

Signing Status: While not yet officially announced by the Dodgers, Pederson will sign with the organization to join his brother. Here he was quoted as saying "I have to wait for my contract to come in, and then I'll sign it. I don't know exactly what their plans are for me as of right now. If they want me to rehab or send me to short-season or whatever. It's all up in their hands. Right now, I just want to get healthy quickly and get myself back into baseball playing shape so that I can get out there again and prove myself." The injury that he mentions is a lacerated spleen he suffered a few weeks ago when he dove headfirst into first base. Once he does heal he'll probably join the Ogden Raptors.