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2013 Dodger draft profiles: C Ryan Scott, 30th round

The 30th selection of the Dodgers was Ryan Scott, a catcher from Notre Dame High School in Arizona

Summary: 30th round pick Ryan Scott, drafted out of Notre Dame High School in Arizona as a catcher, is listed at 6'1" and 180 pounds. Ryan turned 18 years old last February.

Background information: As you can see from Ryan's personal website, he comes from a long line of athletes. His father is the most distinguished of the group as he played professional baseball for 11 seasons, and even made it to the big leagues in 1993 with the Angels where he threw 20 innings. Getting back to Ryan, he helped lead his high school team to the state championship in 2013, the first in school history.

Scouting report: I don't really have anything to go off of here outside of stats, but luckily I have two years to look at. As a junior in 2012 Scott had a .314 batting average, and while he didn't have a homer that season he did have 6 doubles and a triple. In 2013 Scott showed some improved power with 4 long balls, and his average stayed pretty consistent at .308. In terms of his defense, his high school stats show a .988 fielding percentage both years, and in the state championship game Scott was praised for a strong throw he made on a bunt attempt in a big situation so I'm assuming he has a pretty good arm.

Signing Status: Scott is another late round high school pick who has yet to ink a deal and will have a decision to make at the signing deadline. His brother Casey was drafted out of high school in 2011 as a 47th rounder and decided to attend Arizona Western College instead, and while I can't find where Ryan is committed to college, I could see him following the same route as his bro.