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2013 MLB Draft: Dodgers signed 28 of 40 picks

The deadline for signing draft picks passed on Friday, and the Dodgers signed 30 total players.

Stephen Dunn

Friday at 2 p.m. PT was the deadline to sign 2013 MLB Draft picks, and the Dodgers signed 28 of their 40 selections, including each of their top 12 picks and 24 of their top 26 picks.

The top unsigned pick by the Dodgers was their 13th-round pick Ty Damron, a left-handed pitcher out of Krum High School in Texas. The day he was drafted, June 8, Damron told Ben Baby of the Denton Record-Chronicle that he and the Dodgers agreed to a bonus of $300,000, but that apparently didn't come to fruition. Damron, the highest high school pitcher drafted by the Dodgers in 2013, will instead pitch for Texas Tech.

Any bonus over $100,000 for a pick after the 10th round gets counted against the draft bonus pool, so giving Damron a bonus that big would have affected their other moves. The Dodgers spent over their allotted bonus pool amount, and even additional $6,285 of extra bonuses would have resulted in the Dodgers forfeiting their 2014 first round draft pick.

The other pick in the top 26 who didn't sign with the Dodgers was Peter Miller, a 21-year-old right-handed pitcher who will return to Florida State for his senior season.

"It was a tough decision to turn down playing professional baseball," Miller told "It is something that I have always wanted to do my whole life."

Here are the 30 Dodgers draft picks who did sign, including a pair of undrafted free agents, and their current professional level. The only one not yet assigned to a team is 23rd round pick Michael Villegas, a right-handed pitcher out of Seton Catholic High School in Arizona. It appears Villegas just signed, as reported Friday by Zach Buchanan of the Arizona Republic.

Dodgers 2013 MLB Draft Signed Picks
Round Player Birth date Pos B T School Pro Location
1 Chris Anderson 7/29/92 RHP R R Jacksonville Great Lakes (low A)
2 Tom Windle 3/10/92 LHP L L Minnesota Great Lakes (low A)
3 Brandon Dixon 1/29/92 3B R R Arizona Great Lakes (low A)
4 Cody Bellinger 7/13/95 1B L L Hamilton (HS), AZ AZL (R)
5 J.D. Underwood 9/2/92 RHP L R Palm Beach State CC Ogden (R)
6 Jacob Rhame 3/16/93 RHP R R Grayson County CC Ogden (R)
7 Brandon Trinkwon 3/20/92 SS L R UC Santa Barbara Ogden (R)
8 Kyle Farmer 8/17/90 C R R Georgia Ogden (R)
9 Henry Yates 10/19/90 OF R R Texas Wesleyan Ogden (R)
10 Nick Keener 1/17/91 RHP R R Mansfield AZL (R)
11 Spencer Navin 8/11/92 C R R Vanderbilt Ogden (R)
12 Adam Law 2/5/90 3B R R BYU AZL (R)
14 Michael Johnson 1/3/91 LHP L L Dartmouth AZL (R)
15 Billy Flamion 1/19/93 LHP L L Grossmont College AZL (R)
17 Greg Harris 8/17//94 RHP R R Los Alamitos (HS), CA AZL (R)
18 James McDonald 12/16/91 SS S R Arizona State Rancho (high A)
19 Blake Hennessey 9/28/94 SS R R Arlington Country Day (HS), FL AZL (R)
20 Michael Ahmed 1/20/92 3B R R Holy Cross AZL (R)
21 James Baune 9/27/91 RHP R R Southern Arkansas Ogden (R)
22 Jake Fisher 9/16/90 LHP L L Oklahoma Ogden (R)
23 Michael Villegas 9/6/94 RHP R R Seton Catholic (HS), AZ
24 Jose DeLeon 8/7/92 RHP R R Southern A&M AZL (R)
25 Kyle Hooper 5/28/91 RHP R R UC Irvine Ogden (R)
26 Thomas Taylor 2/26/90 RHP R R Kansas Ogden (R)
28 Crayton Bare 9/18/90 LHP L L Baylor Great Lakes (low A)
30 Ryan Scott 2/7/95 C R R Notre Dame (HS), AZ AZL (R)
32 Rob Rogers 10/25/90 RHP R R Keystone College Ogden (R)
38 Dillon Moyer 7/18/91 SS R R UC San Diego Ogden (R)
ND Dimitrios Papantonopoulos 6/25/90 C R R Cal State Dominguez Hills Ogden (R)
ND David Reid-Foley 1/2/91 C L R Mercer AZL (R)