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2013 MLB Draft: Dodgers sign Greg Harris for over slot, per report

The Dodgers also signed 15th-round pick, left-handed pitcher Billy Flamion

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The Dodgers convinced right-handed pitcher Greg Harris Jr. to bypass the University of Oregon by signing the right-handed pitcher to an above-slot deal, per Jim Calis of Baseball America. Harris, the son of the former ambidextrous major league pitcher, was picked in the 17th round out of Los Alamitos High School.

Harris was signed to a bonus of $175,000, which factors into the Dodgers' bonus pool. The top 10 picks have slot amounts assigned to them, which makes up the Dodgers draft bonus pool, the amount they are allowed to spend on their picks. Any bonuses over $100,000 after the 10th round also get counted against the bonus pool as well.

Callis also reported the Dodgers signed 15-round pick Billy Flamion, a left-handed pitcher out of Grossmont College, for $100,000.

Baseball America has fifth-round pick J.D. Underwood's bonus at the slot amount of $306,200, not the $360,000 previously thought. This affects the Dodgers possibly losing a draft pick. Here's a look at the Dodgers' draft bonus pool.

Dodgers 2013 MLB Draft
Round Player Signed Bonus Slot amount Over (under)
1 Chris Anderson lhp yes $2,109,900 $2,109,900 $0
2 Tom Windle lhp yes $986,500 $986,500 $0
3 Brandon Dixon 3b yes $566,500 $566,500 $0
4 Cody Bellinger 1b yes $700,000 $409,000 $291,000
5 J.D. Underwood rhp yes $306,200 $306,200 $0
6 Jacob Rhame rhp yes $300,000 $229,300 $70,700
7 Brandon Trinkwon ss yes $171,900 $171,900 $0
8 Kyle Farmer c yes $40,000 $153,600 ($113,600)
9 Henry Yates of yes $5,000 $143,500 ($138,500)
10 Nick Keener rhp yes $5,000 $135,300 ($130,300)
Picks 11-40 (bonuses over $100,000):
11th: Navin
17th: Harris


Totals $5,211,700 $254,300 (+4.88%)

The Dodgers spent $254,300 over their bonus pool, or 4.88%, which means they have to pay a 75% tax on the overage, or roughly $190,725. If the Dodgers spend over $100,000 on any of their other picks, that overage will be added to the pool as well.

But if they add only another $6,285, they get to five percent over, which means in addition to the 75% tax on the overage amount they would also have to forfeit a future first round pick. But again, barring something unexpected the Dodgers won't be giving up a draft pick.