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2015 MLB Draft schedule: Dodgers make 4 picks on Monday

Tommy Lasorda will be one of the Dodgers' representatives at the MLB Draft on Monday.
Tommy Lasorda will be one of the Dodgers' representatives at the MLB Draft on Monday.
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LOS ANGELES -- The 2015 MLB Draft is upon us which is has been stretched out to three days, though you'd think we would be used to that by now since this has been the format since 2009. On Monday, the festivities will be televised by MLB Network.

Monday will feature the first two rounds of the draft, plus the supplemental picks in between, and the competitive balance picks after both round. In all, 75 picks will be made, including four by the Dodgers:

In between picks in the first round (including compensation picks) there will be a flexible time interval in between picks, between 3:30 and 4:30. For competitive balance picks, as well as for rounds two through 10, there will be one minute in between picks, with no time in between picks from rounds 11 through 40.

Several Hall of Famers and team legends will represent teams at the MLB Network studios on the draft's first day. The Dodgers will be represented by former manager Tommy Lasorda and longtime scout Hank Jones.

You can keep track of all of the Dodgers' draft doings in our MLB Draft hub, including the draft bonus pool and David Hood's mock draft of the first 10 rounds and his top 200 draft board.

MLB will tweet every pick using @MLBDraftTracker, and will tweet updates and commentary using @MLBDraft.

2015 MLB Draft schedule

Monday (on MLB Network and streamed online at

3 p.m. PT: Preview show
4 p.m.: Rounds 1-2 plus competitive balance rounds (first 75 picks)

Tuesday (streamed online at

9:30 a.m.: Preview show
10 a.m.: Rounds 3-10

Wednesday (streamed online at

9 a.m.: Rounds 11-40