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2017 MLB Draft: Dodgers pick Xavier 3B Rylan Bannon in 8th round

Xavier third baseman Rylan Bannon was drafted by the Dodgers in the eighth round.
Photo credit: Dave Wegiel | XU Athletics

The Dodgers with their eighth-round selection in the 2017 MLB Draft took Xavier third baseman Rylan Bannon with pick No. 250 overall.

The 5’10 junior hit .325/.439/.618 with 14 home runs and 14 doubles in 59 games this season, and had nearly as many walks (37) as strikeouts (45). Bannon also stole 17 bases in 18 attempts.

Bannon was ranked No. 197 overall in our David Hood’s top 200 draft prospects, was ranked No. 480 in the Baseball America top 500, but was not ranked in the MLB Pipeline top 200.

Defense may be his calling card, with plays like these:

Also, per Baseball America:

The 5-foot-10, 180-pound Bannon doesn't project to have anything more than fringe-average power in pro ball, but that may be enough thanks to his defensive chops. Bannon is a plus defender at third base, equally adept coming in on balls, ranging to his left or guarding the line.

The slot value for the No. 250 overall pick is $151,800.