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Top 200 MLB Draft prospects

The amateur draft begins on Monday, June 3

Gunnar Henderson is ranked No. 33 on the top 200 list.
Auburn Athletics

The 2019 MLB Draft is upon us, and expanding on this week’s Top 50 ranking, I’ve expanded my list to the final version — the top 200 prospects. Finding 200 names to fill the list this season was more difficult than past years, as this draft does not feel that deep after the first 150-ish players. The draft is shallower in prep athletes with multiple tools and projectable builds than previous classes, and likewise, the college depth in starting pitching is more limited.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see where the Dodgers go with their picks on days one and two to find potential prospects for their talented development team to groom. As I have the last few years, I will make my attempt at picking for them through the first ten rounds in an article on Monday, but today I want to briefly cover a few names that have been linked with the Dodgers.

Daniel Espino (Prep RHP, No. 17)

If the Dodgers are interested in Espino, they’d likely need to take him with the 25th pick, because he won’t likely last until the end of round one. Espino has the draft’s best velocity, already teasing triple digits. He backs it up with a wipeout breaking ball that has devastating break but will need to be controlled better in the zone.

Espino would not likely be available at No. 25 if it weren’t for his smallish frame and long arm action. He’s athletic but not projectable, with a more compact 6’0 build that won’t add much more bulk. Espino’s arm action is also long in back, which may hamper his command and looks more commonly like a relief profile. Those detractions should not stand in Los Angeles’ way of developing him to start, though, given their preference for high strikeout potential and velocity.

Espino is similar to last year’s first round pick J.T. Ginn, who was also an undersized prep flamethrower that had detractors. Ginn thus far has proven doubters wrong as a starter in the SEC with Mississippi State (though he has had bouts with arm tightness) and now stands to go even higher in the draft next season. If the Dodgers get a second chance to roll the dice with an arm like Ginn in Espino, expect them to lock him up this time.

Gunnar Henderson (Prep SS, No. 33)

Henderson has been frequently matched to Los Angeles for their desire to take toolsy athletes to plug into their elite development program. While Henderson has a good set of tools, he and the rest of the prep middle infield class don’t quite measure up to the rare tool sets we’ve seen in more recent classes. Given his strong 6’3 frame and the makings of a power friendly swing, Henderson would still be a worthy first round draft pick in any draft year.

Henderson’s swing would require little adjustment to meet the Dodgers’ preferred plane and explosiveness. He has good bat speed and should also develop an above average hit tool to pair with plus power.

His potential with the bat would serve him if he had to move off of shortstop, but Henderson’s length and arm strength give him enough range to stick at the position. He runs well now but will probably settle in no better than average at peak maturity.

The Dodgers are deep in up the middle talent in the minor leagues, but none of the current prospects can match Henderson’s power potential at this stage of his career. You can never have too many up shortstops, and Gunnar has the soft fall back of third base if he outgrows the position.

Kyle Stowers (Stanford OF, No. 63)

In watching the Stanford outfielder’s tape, I’m reminded of another NL West outfielder that had a similar build, athleticism, and smattering of tools in Charlie Blackmon. Granted, I’m speaking more of the prospect Blackmon was during his trip through Tulsa, and not the player Blackmon has become today. Stowers has the opportunity to get there, but there’s work to be done.

Stowers will show you all five tools, but doesn’t always flash better than average in any of them. His power has the best chance of materializing as plus, given Stowers strength and swing plane. He did show a better hit tool on the Cape, but swing and miss will probably be a consistent concern.

Stowers plays left primarily for Stanford but would likely be tried in center to start his pro career. He has solid defensive tools and can survive in center with good reads and positioning.

Given Stowers’ struggles to start this season, I would be surprised to see him go off the board in the first rounds, and would suspect that Los Angeles’ interest in him would be toward the end of the Comp B round, where his value better matches the selection. He does fit the profile of a player that has a good base of tools for the development staff to mold, and could eventually realize his potential as a first division starting outfielder with middle order production.

Darell Hernaiz (prep SS)

Hernaiz is not in my top 200, and though I tried to get as much information on him as I could after the Dodgers were linked to him, I’m not sure he would have made it yet still. Hernaiz is a rangy infielder with a projectable frame, and a power over hit swing profile, though his bat speed looks just average.

Hernaiz is listed as a shortstop but needs to clean up his footwork to stay in the infield. He looks fairly raw and though he has some tools to refine, he might benefit from three years at Texas Tech. If the Dodgers are interested in Hernaiz, it’s likely in the 5-7 round range, or as an overslot day three guy.

The List

I was asked this week to explain the “overall, risk and ceiling” grades on my list and they work the same way as my top prospect list. Risk encompasses everything standing in the way of the player being a big leaguer, which could be injury concern, rawness of tools, necessitation of physical development, age versus the level of competition, or the time it may take to develop as a player. Ceiling is the “realistic best case scenario” I see in the player, so that grade is what you could potentially place on the player at the big league level if the right things click in development. The overall grade is the prospect grade, which is the value this player brings to the organization as a minor league asset. This overall grade is what the player would enter the system with in my rankings system, though this value tends to increase after their first initial success in pro ball.

2019 Draft Top 200 Prospects

Rk Name School Position Overall Risk Ceiling Pros Cons
Rk Name School Position Overall Risk Ceiling Pros Cons
1 Adley Rutschman Oregon State C 80 60 70 elite career statistics, plus hit, pop, defensive rep possibly some swing and miss offensively
2 Andrew Vaughn California 1B 70 60 60 +pop and hit from right side, bat speed, high floor limited to 1B or DH, not as projectable as peers
3 JJ Bleday Vanderbilt LF/RF 70 60 60 excellent hit production, developing + pop, high floor only one year of power production, likely corner OF
4 Bobby Witt Jr. Colleyville Heritage HS SS 70 50 70 loud tools, fluid athlete w/ project., chance for + pop more power over hit, chance for swing and miss
5 CJ Abrams Blessed Trinity HS SS/CF 70 50 70 elite speed, chance for solid hit and pop, big upside a little raw for for an elite prospect, def home
6 Alek Manoah West Virginia RHP 70 50 70 ++ SL, + FB, dominant production, durable one year command production, must watch size
7 Nick Lodolo Texas Christian LHP 65 60 60 excellent frame, still upside, + FB, command, production BB can get slurvy, upside might peak at good no. 3
8 Riley Greene Hagery HS LF/RF 65 50 70 plus bat speed and exit velo, chance for plus pop avg athlete and frame, some swing and miss potential
9 Hunter Bishop Arizona State CF 65 55 60 excellent size/athleticism combo, + power, production upper body stiffness in swing, swing and miss concern
10 Corbin Carroll Lakeside HS CF 65 50 65 loud tools, fluid swing w/ bat speed and exit velo not as projectable build, good not great pop potential
11 Jackson Rutledge San Jacinto JC RHP 65 50 65 big frame, ++SL, chance for + to ++ FB, quick arm one year production, command avg, durability?
12 Bryson Stott Nevada Las Vegas SS 65 55 60 well rounded, good production, soft hands, high floor ceiling more good than great, bat speed just ok
13 Matthew Allen Seminole HS RHP 60 50 65 good arm strength, chance for + to ++ CV, upside long arm action, primarily 2 pitches right now
14 Quinn Priester Cary-Grove HS RHP 60 50 65 excellent life on SNK, easy + CV, athletic, upside must refine his command, arm action could be quicker
15 Zack Thompson Kentucky LHP 60 50 60 4 pitch mix, good production, chance for + SL velo more avg than +, not as projectable, 3-4 upside
16 Drey Jameson Ball State RHP 60 40 70 electric arm, huge k production, chance for + SL, FB undersized, short track record, command
17 Daniel Espino Georgia Premier HS RHP 60 40 70 electric stuff, easy + velo, athletic delivery long arm action, not as projectable physically
18 Rece Hinds IMG Academy HS 3B 60 40 70 loud tools, very projectable, chance for ++ pop, ++ arm raw for pro game, swing and miss ?, outgrow 3B?
19 Jack Leiter Delbarton HS RHP 55 50 55 polish for prep, easy + CV, good velo not as projectable as peers, signability
20 Brennan Malone IMG Academy HS RHP 55 45 60 4 pitch mix, chance for + FB, CV, SL. Upside mechanics can be inconsist., fringe FB command
21 Hunter Barco The Bolles School HS LHP 55 45 60 chance for + to ++ CH, tough slot, projectable poor command, SL will need a rework, signability
22 JJ Goss Cypress Ranch HS RHP 55 45 60 good athlete, chance for + FB and SL, dev CH, upside thin build, some length in arm action
23 Shea Langeliers Baylor C 55 50 50 excellent defensive tools and rep, solid pop uneven college production, bat speed ?, off. ceiling
24 Josh Jung Texas Tech 3B/1B 55 50 50 good hit tool, solid approach, still time for pop just ok actions at 3B, avg power production, ceiling
25 Brett Baty Lake Travis HS 3B 55 45 55 big raw power, strong frame, chance for above avg hit old for class, not as projectable, swing and miss ?
26 George Kirby Elon RHP 55 50 50 polished, good command, 4 pitch mix, smooth mech. no true + offering, upside more a #4 than #3
27 Kody Hoese Tulane 3B/1B 55 45 55 loud jr. yr. production, chance for + hit and pop short track record, avg athlete, def. home
28 Ethan Small Mississippi State LHP 55 50 50 extremely deceptive, elite K production, + command fringe velo, no outright + pitch, 4/5 ceiling
29 Brady McConnell Florida SS/CF 55 40 60 good athlete, chance for + pop, bat speed, 60 run might not stick at SS, soph leverage, swing and miss
30 Matt Wallner Southern Mississippi RF 55 45 55 big pop, career production, has flashed + OF arm injury?, avg athlete, some swing and miss
31 Bryce Osmond Jenks HS RHP 55 40 60 terrific athlete, quick arm, flashes easy + SL, upside profile can look reliever, inconsistent arm slot
32 Logan Davidson Clemson SS 55 45 55 fluid mover at SS, good power production, athletic swing is long, will bar out, swing and miss and hit ?
33 Gunnar Henderson Morgan Academy HS SS 55 45 55 projectable build, chance for + pop, above avg hit just ok MIF actions, avg athleticism for SS
34 Brooks Lee San Luis Obispo HS SS 55 45 55 good build, should stick at SS, bat speed as LH & RH contact over pop, balance and rotational issues
35 Kameron Misner Missouri CF/RF 55 40 55 raw tools, good size, good defensive rep poor production, long swing, gap in raw v game pop
36 Michael Busch North Carolina 1B/LF 50 50 50 solid feel for hit, career production, high floor defensive home, bat speed ?, overall ceiling
37 Maurice Hampton Memphis Univ HS CF 50 40 60 strong and fluid athlete, above avg to + runner raw for the pro game, some swing and miss
38 Matt Cronin Arkansas LHP 50 50 50 traditional closer upside, high spin FB, CV, power arm high effort delivery, one inning reliever likely
39 Sammy Siani Penn Charter HS CF 50 45 55 pretty LH swing, chance for + hit, defensive rep skills over tools, not as projectable, future pop ?
40 Noah Song Navy RHP 50 35 65 pure power arm, still projectable, chance for 3+ pitches 2 year service requirement, level of competition
41 Will Wilson North Carolina State 2B/SS 50 50 50 good career production, chance for above avg hit, pop defensive home, not projectable, swing length
42 Braden Shewmake Texas A&M 2B/SS 50 50 50 good feel for hit and barrel control, solid career prod. atypical 2B, flat bat plane, ? on overall ceiling
43 Seth Johnson Campbell RHP 50 45 55 good athlete, chance for + velo, 4 pitch mix no outright + present pitch, one year production
44 Keoni Cavaco Eastlake HS 3B 50 40 60 big raw power, projectable, good arm, upside lots of swing and miss ?, underexposed, avg athlete
45 Ryan Zeferjahn Kansas RHP 50 45 55 arm strength, chance for + to ++ FB, SL flashes + inconsistent release, avg command, uneven production
46 Kendall Williams IMG Academy HS RHP 50 40 60 good feel, highly projectable, chance for + FB w/ run tough sign, nothing presently +, distance from bigs
47 Isaiah Campbell Arkansas RHP 50 50 50 good production, SL flashes +, tumbling CH, durable upside more 3/4, will need to watch his frame
48 Anthony Volpe Delbarton HS SS/2B 50 45 55 reputation for makeup, smooth RH swing, solid hit not as projectable, signability, poss. 2B
49 Matthew Thompson Cypress Ranch HS RHP 50 40 60 live arm, flashes easy + SL, projectable frame presently 2 pitches, some command ?
50 Jimmy Lewis Lake Travis HS RHP 50 40 60 projectable build, good feel for spin, upside signability, mechanics need smoothing
51 Andrew Dalquist Redondo Union HS RHP 50 45 55 easy arm strength, chance for + CH, feel for spin not as projectable as peers, signability
52 Tyler Callihan Providence HS 3B/C 50 45 55 chance for + hit and pop, strong build, arm flashes + ? on future defensive home, not as projectable
53 Josh Wolf St. Thomas HS RHP 50 40 60 chance for 3 pitches, FB shows life, flashes + a little raw for pro game, command, signability
54 Matthew Lugo Carlos Beltran Academy HS SS/2B 50 45 55 athletic tools, chance to stick at SS, good bat speed arm strength just avg, a little raw for pro game
55 Mike Toglia UCLA 1B 50 45 55 strong hands, + raw power, good frame, productive swing and miss concern, bat speed ?, 1B only
56 Ryan Jensen Fresno State RHP 50 45 55 great athlete, lively FB, arm strength, upside inconsistent release, avg BB, poss. reliever
57 Evan Fitterer Aliso Niguel HS RHP 50 45 55 polished HSer, feel for spin, can manipulate FB signability, upside more #3, no outright + pitch
58 Cameron Cannon Arizona 2B 50 50 50 excellent feel for hit, gets to all his pop in games likely 2B only, not projectable, lower ceiling
59 James Beard Loyd Star HS CF 50 40 60 80 grade speed, terrific athlete, chance for avg hit pretty raw for pro game, incons. swing mechanics
60 Drew Mendoza Florida State 3B/1B 50 45 55 solid track record, big raw power, soft hands swing and miss concern, avg agility at 3B
61 Bryant Packard East Carolina LF/RF 50 45 50 excellent feel for hit and career production, poss. + pop avg athlete, poss. LF or 1B, jr yr injury
62 Greg Jones UNC Wilmington SS/CF 50 45 50 terrific athlete, elite speed production, feel for hit thin build, ? on future pop, defensive home
63 Kyle Stowers Stanford LF/RF 50 45 50 solid tools across the board, chance for above avg pop some swing and miss concern, swing length, avg prod.
64 Logan Wyatt Louisville 1B 50 45 50 solid feel for hit, chance for avg pop, decent production low ceiling for 1B, limited defensively
65 Matt Canterino Rice RHP 50 45 50 deceptive, 3 pitch mix, durable build, K production velo just avg, 4/5 or middle relief upside
66 Nasim Nunez Collins Hill HS SS 50 40 55 electric athlete, + to ++ arm, fluid INF actions, speed offense may not be ready for pro game, not proj.
67 Jordan Brewer Michigan RF 50 45 50 good athlete, fluid swing and barrel control, solid tools short track record, raw plate approach
68 Ryne Nelson Oregon RHP 50 40 55 good athlete, quick arm, chance for ++ FB, + SL poor command, might fit best in relief
69 Karl Kauffmann Michigan RHP 45 45 50 good life on SNK, chance for + SL, GB production should miss more bats, 4/5 or mid relief upside
70 Chase Strumpf UCLA 2B 45 45 50 good frame, solid hit tool, chance for solid pop 2B prospect, some swing and miss, ceiling
71 Nick Quintana Arizona 3B 45 45 50 good defender, chance for + game pop from RHH swing and miss concern, not projectable
72 Spencer Jones La Costa Canyon HS 1B/LF 45 40 55 good athlete for size, chance for + pop, fluid swing a little raw for pro game, signability
73 Zach Watson Louisiana State CF 45 45 50 twitchy athlete, defensive rep, + speed, bat speed stiff upper body, needs swing plane adjust.
74 Kyle McCann Georgia Tech C/1B 45 45 50 good strength, + raw power, jr yr production defensive home, swing and miss concerns, hit tool
75 Joshua Mears Federal Way HS LF/RF 45 35 60 huge raw power, impressive build, big upside raw for pro game, under exposed, swing and miss ?
76 Jonathan French Parkview HS C 45 40 55 good bat speed, strong build, chance for + pop incon. defensive reports, swing length
77 Michael McAvene Louisville RHP 45 40 55 jr yr production, arm strength, chance for + FB and SL limited mound time, head whack in delivery
78 Blake Walston New Hanover HS LHP 45 40 55 projectable build, solid SNK, good command for HS not ready for pro game, velo presently fringe, CB avg
79 Tommy Henry Michigan LHP 45 45 50 3 pitch mix, good life on pitches, solid production no outright + pitch, 4/5 upside or LH reliever
80 TJ Sikkema Missouri LHP 45 45 50 competitive, productive, good command, feel for spin more likely a LH reliever than starter, avg velo
81 Jake Agnos East Carolina LHP 45 45 50 arm speed, sneaky fastball, big K production CV just avg, not as projectable, avg command
82 Zack Hess Louisiana State RHP 45 45 50 arm strength, flashes + FB in short stints, K production likely reliever only, fringe command, incon. SL
83 Brandon Williamson Texas Christian LHP 45 45 50 still projectable, FB will flash +, smooth mechanics upside more 3/4, poss. reliever, avg secondaries
84 Ty Adcock Elon RHP 45 45 50 pitching convert, big arm strength, + present velo avg command, SL needs tightening, relief only
85 Myles Austin Westlake HS SS/CF 45 35 55 long athlete, good speed, projectable, solid bat speed raw for the pro game, might outgrow SS, hit tool ?
86 Peyton Burdick Wright State LF/RF 45 40 50 huge jr yr production, chance for + pop, good speed older for class, skills over tools, level of comp.
87 John Doxakis Texas A&M LHP 45 45 45 lots of deception, 3 pitch mix, excellent command fringe velo, possible reliever or specialist
88 Davis Wendzel Baylor 3B 45 45 45 career production, barrel control, solid defender not projectable, avg athlete, bench/util upside
89 Will Rigney Midway HS RHP 45 40 50 projectable build, good arm strength, chance for + SL stiffness in delivery hampers command
90 Trejyn Fletcher Deering HS CF 45 35 55 good athlete, chance for + pop, speed, and arm raw for the pro game, tough sign, swing and miss ?
91 Ivan Johnson Chipola JC SS/2B 45 40 50 physical build, good bat speed, chance for hit and pop likely 2B over SS, inconsistent track record
92 Matt Gorski Indiana CF 45 40 50 good size-speed combo, chance for + power long load, big swing and miss ?, avg def. rep
93 Connor Walsh Niceville HS SS/CF 45 35 55 elite speed, good bat speed, projectable athlete ? on overall offensive ceiling, signability
94 Joseph Charles TNXL Academy HS RHP 45 35 55 big arm, chance for + to ++ FB, makings of good CV signability, command a little raw, primarily 2 pitches
95 Dante Biasi Penn State LHP 45 40 50 excellent CH, sneaky FB, big K production, deceptive not as projectable, some command concerns
96 Dominic Fletcher Arkansas CF 45 45 45 career production, excellent defensive rep, feel for hit not projectable, 4th OF ceiling, avg runner for CF
97 Kyren Paris Freedom HS SS 45 40 50 fluid athlete, chance to stick at SS, solid bat speed, age physical readiness for pro game, ? on future pop
98 Will Holland Auburn SS 45 40 50 athletic SS with physical tools, solid pop, speed stiff at the plate, swing and miss and hit tool ?
99 Ryan Pepiot Butler RHP 45 40 50 excellent K production, chance for + FB and CH poor command, SL and CV run together, relief ?
100 Riley Cornelio Pine Creek HS RHP 45 40 50 projectable, tight SL, chance for + FB long arm action, poss. relief profile, command
101 Grant Gambrell Oregon State RHP 45 45 45 durable build, 3 pitch mix, FB flashes + uneven production, average command, 4/5 ceiling
102 Kory Lee California C 45 45 45 good production, chance for + power, arm strength avg defensive rep, bat speed ? , some swing and miss
103 Tyler Fitzgerald Louisville SS 45 40 50 good athlete, chance for 5 tools, solid production flat contact swing, no outright carry tool, poss. util.
104 Erik Miller Stanford LHP 45 40 50 power arm, good build, chance for + CV likely reliever, poor command, incon. production
105 Ethan Hearn Mobile Christian HS C 45 40 50 good arm, strong build, chance for above avg pop swing length, avg athlete, moderate ceiling
106 Graeme Stinson Duke LHP 45 40 50 previously shown + FB and SL, K potential in relief likely middle relief, injury ?, whippy mechanics
107 Jack Kochanowicz Harriton HS RHP 45 40 50 projectable, chance for + fastball, solid command effort in delivery, signability, BB needs refinement
108 Kyle Brnovich Elon RHP 40 45 45 huge K production, deception, flashes tight + SL fringe velo, likely best used in relief, ceiling
109 John Rave Illinois State CF 40 45 45 solid career production, chance for solid pop, speed swing and miss concern, poss. 4th OF ceiling
110 Seth Gray Wright State 3B 40 40 50 good build, good athlete for size, chance for + pop some swing and miss ?, one year power production
111 Carter Rustad Staley HS RHP 40 35 55 quick arm, chance for + FB, projectable build, upside secondaries need work, raw for the pro game
112 Jack Little Stanford RHP 40 40 50 tough RHH slot, good SNK, chance for + CH avg production, hard slot for BB, poss. relief
113 Tyler Baum North Carolina RHP 40 45 45 SNK-SL profile, improving command, productive 4/5 starter or mid relief upside, no true + pitch
114 Brett Thomas Riverwood HS RHP 40 35 55 great build, chance for + FB and CV, upside injury ?, signability, a little under exposed, effort in del.
115 Andre Lipcius Tennessee 3B 40 45 45 plate approach, good bat speed, game pop avg athlete, timing issues in swing, ceiling
116 Nick Kahle Washington C 40 45 45 solid feel for hit, chance for avg game pop, approach avg defensive rep, likely backup upside
117 Grae Kessinger Mississippi SS 40 45 45 solid career production, skills over tools, feel for hit poss. utility or fringe starter, no standout tool
118 Ryan Kreidler UCLA SS/3B 40 45 45 excellent defensive rep, chance to stick at ss, some pop ? on overall offensive ceiling, poss. utility prospect
119 Chris Lincoln UC Santa Barbara RHP 40 40 50 live arm, still projectable, chance for ++ FB, solid CH BB needs retool, college reliever, avg command
120 Andre Pallante UC Irvine RHP 40 45 45 good arm strength, career production, deceptive secondaries need work, poss. relief profile
121 Carter Young Selah HS SS/2B 40 40 50 loose fluid athlete, good infield actions, starter upside tough sign, ? on overall offensive ceiling
122 Hayden Wesneski Sam Houston State RHP 40 45 45 good SNK, durable build, solid production & command fringe SL, poss. relief profile or 4/5 starter
123 Jack Ralston UCLA RHP 40 45 45 tough slot, chance for swing and miss CV, production ceiling likely 4/5 or middle relief, avg velo
124 Dylen Eskew Sickles HS RHP 40 40 50 good feel for spin, riding life on FB, projectable signability, upside might be closer to 3/4
125 Michael Curialle J Serra HS SS 40 40 50 good size-athleticism combo, solid defensive tools ? on overall offensive ceiling, avg bat speed
126 Andrew Daschbach Stanford 1B/RF 40 40 50 Excellent power production, strong build, avg hit might be limited to 1B, bat speed ?
127 Andrew Saalfrank Indiana LHP 40 45 45 shows + CV, solid 3 pitch mix, big K production fringe velocity, likely 4/5 or LH reliever upside
128 Dan Acker San Jacinto JC RHP 40 40 50 projectable, repeatable delivery, good command not as much swing and miss for stuff, 3/4 upside
129 Ryan Garcia UCLA RHP 40 45 45 excellent feel for pitching, command, good production fringe velo, ceiling is #5 or long man, no + pitch
130 Jerrion Ealy Jackson Prep HS CF 40 35 55 elite athlete, strong build, + run and arm, upside too raw for pro game, top football prospect
131 Josh Smith Louisiana State SS/2B 40 45 45 decent production, solid speed, chance to stick at SS poss. utility upside, a little undersized, skills over tools
132 Cade Doughty Denham Springs HS 3B 40 40 50 solid INF actions and arm, short stroke, competitive hit over power, signability, not as projectable
133 Alec Marsh Arizona State RHP 40 45 45 durable build, solid production, 3 pitch mix no true + pitch, 4/5 upside, avg K production
134 Hunter Brown Wayne State RHP 40 40 50 good arm strength, k production, + FB avg to fringe command, poss. relief profile
135 Antoine Kelly Wabash Valley CC LHP 40 30 60 projectable, chance for + to ++ FB, athletic, K potential very raw, needs to retool BB, fringe command
136 Aaron Schunk Georgia 3B 40 45 45 good feel for hit, solid career production, strong arm fringe starter ceiling, ? on future pop
137 Levi Stoudt Lehigh RHP 40 45 45 athletic delivery, FB will flash +, some feel for spin uneven production, undersized, poss. reliever
138 Thomas Dillard Mississippi LF/RF 40 45 45 present + pop, better than expected athlete, bat speed limited defender, DH?, some swing and miss concern
139 Drake Fellows Vanderbilt RHP 40 45 45 SNK-SL profile, good K production, durable build avg to fringe command, incon. velo, poss. reliever
140 Andrew Schultz Tennessee RHP 40 40 50 pure arm strength, + to ++ FB velo, athletic reliever only, poor command, avg production
141 Spencer Brickhouse East Carolina 1B 40 40 50 big raw power, physical build, decent career production ? on hit tool and bat speed, 1B or DH only
142 Jacob Wallace Connecticut RHP 40 45 45 excellent arm strength, good FB w/ run, solid production reliever only, tough slot for BB, ceiling
143 Jared Horn California RHP 40 45 45 chance for + CV, solid sink on FB, jr yr performance velo closer to fringe now, 4/5 or middle relief ceiling
144 Jared Triolo Houston 3B 40 45 45 good feel for hit, career production, defensive rep ? on overall power ceiling, avg athlete
145 Tyler Dyson Florida RHP 40 40 50 previous production, arm strength, good build poor command, poss. reliever, poor K production
146 Justin Slaten New Mexico RHP 40 45 45 good production, feel for spin on SL, deceptive avg command, possible relief profile, 3rd pitch
147 Ricky DeVito Seton Hall RHP 40 45 45 chance for + FB, good sink on pitch, deceptive avg command, long arm action, likely reliever
148 Avery Short Southport HS LHP 40 45 45 feel for pitching, 3 pitch mix, above avg CV signability, hard to see high ceiling, 4/5 upside
149 Glenallen Hill Jr. Santa Cruz HS 2B/CF 40 35 55 great athlete, big pop for size, chance for + speed prod. swing length, swing and miss?, defensive home
150 Hunter Gaddis Georgia State RHP 40 45 45 durable build, 4 pitch mix, good command, high floor likely 4/5 ceiling or middle relief, fringe secondaries
151 Philip Clarke Vanderbilt C 40 45 45 above avg pop, solid feel for hit, production avg defensive rep, not projectable, poss. backup
152 Jaxx Groshans Kansas C 40 40 50 solid feel for hit, chance for above avg pop avg defensive rep, some swing and miss
153 Colby White Mississippi State RHP 40 45 45 excellent arm speed, + FB with cutting action, K prod. likely relief only, max effort delivery, secondaries
154 Ben Brecht UC Santa Barbara LHP 40 40 50 still projectable frame, solid life on FB, decent production ceiling is closer to 4/5, BB needs work, avg command
155 Will Robertson Creighton LF/RF 40 45 45 strength, above avg pop, solid production likely LF only, stiff upper body swing, ceiling
156 Hayden Dunhurst Pearl River Central HS C/1B 40 40 50 strong build, chance for + pop, avg hit, arm strength ? about future defensive home, not as projectable
157 Garrett Stallings Tennessee RHP 40 45 45 pitchability, competitiveness, good production 5th starter or long relief upside, fringe velo, no + pitch
158 Connor Grammes Xavier RHP 40 35 50 great athlete, FB flashes ++, chance for above avg BB uneven production, poor command, poss. reliever
159 Tristin English Georgia Tech 1B/RF 40 40 50 good power, solid athlete for size, arm strength ? on overall hit tool, might be limited to 1B
160 Hudson Head Churchill HS CF 40 35 50 good tools, chance for above avg pop, defense signability, underexposed, arm bar makes hit tool ?
161 Drew Millas Missouri State C 40 40 45 excellent receiver, good athlete for C, chance for pop incon. offensive production, swing and miss, hit tool
162 Dasan Brown Abbey Park HS CF 40 35 50 elite speed, terrific athlete, chance for + CF defense raw for the pro game, ? on offensive ceiling, pop
163 Chris Murphy San Diego LHP 40 35 50 lively arm, big run on FB, chance for + CH, athletic poor command, drags arm late in delivery
164 Sebastian Keane North Andover HS RHP 40 35 50 projectable, chance for + FB, pitchability underexposed, might be raw for the pro game
165 Trevor McDonald George County HS RHP 40 40 45 good SNK-SL profile, arm speed, decent athlete might be raw for pro game, length in arm action
166 Edouard Julien Auburn 3B/2B/LF 40 35 50 plus raw power, past power production, bat speed poor athlete, stiff INF actions, fringe arm, floor
167 Jake Mangum Mississippi State CF 40 45 40 career production, strong arm and defense, barrel cntrl no pop or power potential, speed and D backup
168 Cameron Meeks Sam Houston HS RHP 40 35 50 projectable and athletic, live arm, chance for + FB inconsistent SL, avg command, a little raw for pros
169 Chris Newell Malvern Prep HS CF/LF/RF 40 35 50 strong build, good athlete, chance for + pop tough sign, balance and bat speed ?
170 Yordys Valdes McArthur HS SS 40 35 50 excellent defensive tools and rep, solid athlete not as projectable, ? on offensive ceiling, - pop
171 Christian Cairo Calvary Christian HS SS 40 40 45 good athlete, above avg speed, some feel for hit undersized, not as projectable, signability, pop ?
172 Tony Locey Georgia RHP 40 40 45 strong build, arm strength, chance for above avg SL poor command, likely reliever, uneven production
173 Mason Feole Connecticut LHP 40 40 45 power CV, deceptive, LH on LH K potential effort in delivery, poor command, likely reliever
174 Auston Shenton Florida International 3B 40 45 40 solid feel for hit, career production, high floor avg bat speed, ? on power ceiling, not proj.
175 Jamari Baylor Benedictine HS SS/2B 40 35 50 toolsy athlete, solid feel for hit, chance for decent pop might not stick at SS, avg bat speed, pro readiness
176 Dilan Rosario Leadership Christian HS SS 40 35 50 projectable build, good speed, starting SS ceiling distance from majors, raw for pro game
177 Seth Tomczak Argonaut HS RHP 40 35 50 projectable build, chance for + FB, athletic delivery raw for pro game, fringy BB, signability ?
178 Landon Sims South Forsyth HS RHP 40 35 50 strong build, chance for + FB, good arm speed incons. BB, signability, poss. relief profile
179 Maverick Handley Stanford C 40 45 40 excellent defensive rep, good plate approach ? on offensive ceiling, not projectable, backup ceiling
180 Joe Naranjo Ayala HS 1B 40 35 50 pretty LH swing, should hit for avg, chance for pop small for 1B prospect, low floor, avg athlete
181 Luke Little San Jacinto JC LHP 40 30 55 projectable build, easy arm strength, FB flashes + poor command, fringy secondaries, raw for pros
182 Eric Yang UC Santa Barbara C 40 45 40 good feel for hit, jr yr production, solid athlete avg defensive rep, ? on power ceiling, poss. backup
183 Dominic Canzone Ohio State LF/RF 40 45 40 career production, good feel for hit, chance for avg pop avg athlete, likely LF only, bench bat upside
184 Gavin Collyer Mountain View HS RHP 40 35 50 great athlete, live arm, highly projectable, feel for spin tough sign, not physically ready for pro game
185 Carter Bins Fresno State C 40 45 40 good defensive rep, arm strength, decent athlete likely backup upside, ? on offensive ceiling, bat speed
186 Brennan Milone Woodstock HS 3B 40 40 45 good feel for hit, line drive swing, chance for avg pop avg athlete, ? on readiness for pro game, signability
187 Tanner Morris Virginia 2B/SS 40 45 40 barrel control, good feel for hit, productive ? on power potential, poss. 2B only, rotational
188 Cooper Johnson Mississippi C 40 45 40 good defensive rep, above avg pop, + arm poor bat speed, power over hit, poss. backup ceiling
189 Alex McFarlane Habersham Central HS RHP 40 35 50 projectable build, lively stuff, chance for + CV too raw for pro game, signability, command ?
190 Graham Ashcraft Alabama Birmingham RHP 40 35 50 power arm, chance for + FB and SL, strong build injury history, soph leverage, likely reliever
191 Chris Clarke Southern California RHP 40 40 45 excellent frame, tough slot, flashes + CV durability ?, likely relief only, velo just avg
192 Jasiah Dixon Orange Lutheran HS CF 40 35 50 good athlete, + speed, chance for solid hit raw for the pro game, incon. swing mechanics
193 Nate LaRue McGill-Toolen Catholic HS C/RF 40 35 50 good athlete for C, projectable build, chance for + pop bat speed ?, swing and miss concern
194 Evan McKendry Miami RHP 40 35 50 good career production, flashed above avg SNK, CH injury history, poss. long relief or 5 upside
195 John McMillon Texas Tech RHP 40 35 50 power arm, will flash + to ++ velo, solid K production uneven track record, command wavers, project arm
196 Zach Linginfelter Tennessee RHP 40 35 50 good frame, arm strength, has flashed + FB and SL inconsistent, poor college production, project arm
197 Sanson Faltine III Fort Bend Travis HS RHP 40 35 50 good spin numbers, showing some feel for SL, athletic raw for the pro game, fringish velo, poss. tough sign
198 Armani Smith UC Santa Barbara LF/RF 40 35 50 impressive build, chance for + power, good bat speed one year production, still raw for pro game
199 Adam Laskey Duke LHP 40 30 45 3 pitch mix, Cape performance, solid athleticism poor college production, project arm, injury ?
200 Blake Sabol Southern California CF/LF/RF 40 30 45 excellent athlete, big Cape performance, speed and pop poor college production, swing and miss, project bat