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MLB Draft 2019: Dodgers draft LF Ryan Ward in the 8th round, No. 245 overall

Ryan Ward comes out of Bryant University (RI)

Ryan Ward - Bryant University

For the Dodgers’ sixth pick of the day, they drafted left fielder Ryan Ward from Bryant University.

Ward played 58 games in 2019, hitting .382 with an OPS of 1.064. He hit 13 homers and drove in 51. On top of that, he walked (30) nearly twice as many times as he struck out (17).

Though his stats from this past season were impressive, his numbers actually took a decline from his 2018 campaign. Last year, Ward hit .409 with an OPS of 1.085. He drove in 52, but his home run total was only eight. Yet again, his walks-to-strikeout ratio was double, as he walked 21 times and struck out only 10 times in 247 at-bats.