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Dodgers signed 16 of 19 draft picks from 2021

Signing deadline was Sunday at 2 p.m. ET

2021 Major Leauge Baseball Draft Photo by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Dodgers on Tuesday officially announced the signings of 16 of their 19 picks, including each their first 14 selections.

That group of signings over the last week or so is headlined by right-hander Peter Heubeck, a high school pitcher out of Maryland, the third-round pick with a reported signing bonus of $1.272 million.

Most of these signings have been previously reported, including fourth-rounder Nick Nastrini out of UCLA. But let’s run through some of the rest of the players, who shared their signings on social media.

With the signings, the Dodgers are $232,300 over their draft bonus pool, roughly 4.99 percent. Given that draft-pick penalties start at five percent over the total pool of $4,646,700, the Dodgers finished $35 under the amount that would incur the loss of a future first-round selection.

For picks after the 10th round, any signing bonus amount over $125,000 counts against the total pool. The lone Dodgers draft pick after the 10th round to sign for more than $125,000 was 11th-round pitcher Justin Wrobleski out of Oklahoma State, who inked for a reported $197,500, of which $72,500 counts against the pool.

The Dodgers three unsigned picks were high school shortstop Michael Sirota (16th round), West Virginia left-hander Adam Tulloch (17th round), and Navy right-hander Charlie Connolly (20th round). Tulloch on Friday announced on Instagram that he’s returning to college and will transfer to Arizona State for the 2022 season.

In addition, the Dodgers say they signed 11 undrafted free agents, including six pitchers, two catchers, two infielders, and one outfielder. One of those is Iowa left-handed pitcher Jack Dreyer, who missed the 2021 season after recovering from Tommy John surgery.

The maximum signing bonus for a non-drafted player is $20,000.