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MLB labor talks

News stories regarding Major League Baseball's collective bargaining agreement, and negotiations between owners and the players association.

MLB plans to voluntarily recognize minor league union

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said Friday the league plans to voluntarily recognize the union of minor league players.

MLBPA makes a push to unionize the minor leagues

The Major League Baseball Players Association is formally making a push to unionize the minor leagues, calling for better working conditions, better pay, and a seat at the table in negotiations with MLB.

Details of MLB’s new CBA

A closer look at Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement, including details on minimum salaries, competitive balance tax thresholds, expanded postseason and more.

MLB lockout finally ends with new agreement

The Major League Baseball lockout lasted over three months but is no over with league owners and the players union coming to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement.

Divided by an international draft, and distrust

The international draft was a sticking point in MLB labor negotiations Wednesday, but was resolved by Thursday. It revealed a level of distrust players have for owners in the process.

MLB cancels second week of 2022 regular season

Major League Baseball canceled a second week of the 2022 regular season as negotiations continue for a new collective bargaining agreement. Opening day is now scheduled for no earlier than April 14.

Another MLB deadline arrives, until the next one

Another deadline is set by MLB owners in order for there to be a full, 162-game season, per multiple reports. Players and owners are expected to meet Tuesday in New York.

Sides are ‘Deadlocked’ after Sunday’s meeting

On Sunday, the MLB Players Association gave a written collective bargaining agreement proposal to Major League Baseball. It was the first time both sides met since they left Florida early last week. According to league spokesperson Glen Caplin, the Players Association went backwards on Sunday.

MLBPA starts fund to help stadium workers during lockout

The Major League Baseball Players Association started a $1 million fund to help stadium workers affected by games missed due to the MLB lockout.

This is all so unnecessary

There’s no good reason why Major League Baseball canceled the first week of the regular season. The league-induced lockout, and owners’ inability to reach agreement on a new labor deal is as damning as it was easily avoidable.

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It’s not my Money(ball)!: Delayed regular season edition

Or "Feeling Sour but Not Going to the Tower" or "Funny Money: How the Dodgers really have no business signing Freddie Freeman." A multi-part examination on financial issues in Major League Baseball. This essay follows up as to Parts 1 and 2 and generally, the author is grumpy because the regular season has been officially delayed.

MLB cancels first week of regular season games

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred canceled the first week of games in the 2022 regular season after owners and players could not reach a new collective bargaining agreement. Negotiations between the sides will continue.

MLB owners ‘best and final’ offer wasn’t good enough for players

Major League Baseball owners and players remain far apart on a collective bargaining agreement, unable to reach a deal after nine straight days of bargaining in Jupiter, Florida. MLB, which locked out the players, is expected to cancel regular season games.

Marathon bargaining buys another day

Eight consecutive days of labor negotiations did not produce a deal between MLB owners and players, but enough progress was made that players and owners will meet again on Tuesday, in an effort to craft a new collective bargaining agreement to remain on schedule for opening day.

MLB-imposed deadline day arrives with little hope in sight

On Major League Baseball’s imposed deadline of February 28 to reach a new collective bargaining agreement, a look at how we got to a spot of contentious labor negotiations between owners and players, and thoughts on Rob Manfred’s legacy.

MLB and MLBPA still far apart

MLB and MLBPA will meet for the eighth consecutive day on Monday. That’s the reported "deadline" for a deal to be reached in order to avoid regular season games being cancelled.

MLB and MLBPA to meet on Sunday

After a disastrous meeting on Saturday, MLB and MLBPA will meet on Sunday. The deadline set by Major League Baseball to avoid missed games is Monday.

Saturday’s meeting was a disaster

Saturday’s meeting between the MLBPA and MLB didn’t appear to go well, as the players were reportedly "outraged" and "angry" at the proposal.

Manfred, Clark meet in person as MLB talks continue

An update on the 86th day of the MLB lockout, which included commissioner Rob Manfred and MLBPA head Tony Clark meeting in person for the first time.

MLB cancels 3 more days of spring training games

Major League Baseball canceled three more days of spring training amid labor negotiations between players and owners, pushing back the start of exhibition games to no sooner than March 8.

MLBPA offer alters bonus pool, draft lottery

A bonus pool for young players not yet eligible for salary arbitration, an MLB draft lottery, and curtailing service time manipulation were the key takeaways from the players union’s proposal to owners on Thursday in Florida.

How much does a lockout cost?

Everyone involved in the MLB system loses money if regular-season games are cancelled—but just how much?

Competing MLB minimum salary offers

A look at the dueling offers for minimum salaries in Major League Baseball labor negotiations, including players on the 40-man roster while in the majors or the minor leagues.

MLB reiterates February 28 deadline to avoid missed games

MLB owners said Wednesday if a new collective bargaining agreement isn’t reached by February 28 — five days from now — then 2022 regular season games would be canceled and players would not be paid for missed games, that wouldn’t be made up.

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Where owners & players are at in MLB labor negotiations

A closer look at the major issues at play during the MLB lockout, and what the players and owners want during labor negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement.

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A deep dive into the reporting of the MLB labor stoppage

Or "It’s not a both-sides problem, let’s not treat it as such." A multi-part examination on financial issues in Major League Baseball. This essay argues why the current 2022 MLB Labor Stoppage isn’t a both-sides problem and argues that the position that the lockout is the fault of both sides ultimately misses the point.

MLB labor negotiations begin in earnest in Florida

Major League Baseball players and owners met for several hours in Florida on Monday, the start of a potential robust week of labor negotiations. A look at the latest offer from the owners.

Start of spring training delayed until at least March 5

Major League Baseball delayed the start of spring training until at least March 5 with the sport still in a lockout.

MLB and MLBPA to meet multiple times next week

Major League Baseball and the Players Association will meet multiple times next week. MLB has stated a February 28 deadline to avoid postponing the season.

Dodgers affected if arbitration expands in next CBA

A look at one aspect of the MLB Players Association’s offer regarding salary arbitration, and how it might affect some Dodgers, including Matt Beaty and Will Smith.

Podcast: Cartoon villainy

Commissioner Rob Manfred said Major League Baseball missing regular season games would be disastrous, but he and the owners haven’t acted like anyone with any sense of urgency in labor negotiations. Plus, more discouraging views of minor leaguers, and a Trevor Bauer update.

Meeting between MLB and MLBPA lasts 15 minutes

Major League Baseball and the players’ union met on Thursday, with the meeting lasting only 15 minutes. According to a report, there was little progress toward a new collective bargaining agreement.


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