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National League West report

A look around the National League West, with news from not only the Dodgers, but from the Rockies, Diamondbacks, Padres and Giants as well.

So close... and yet so far

A recap of what happened in the NL West from September 12th to September 18th: The division race nearly ended Wednesday night, and two of the bottom three teams disrupted the NL Central and Wild Card races.

NL West report: 9.5 games to 12.5 games in a week

A recap of what happened in the NL West from Aug. 29 to Sept. 4: the Dodgers just keep on winning, the Diamondbacks fall further back, and the bottom three teams stay below .500.

NL West weekly report: Will Venable red hot

Vin Scully is coming back, Martin Prado drove in everybody, Ricky Nolasco dominated, and more news from around the NL West this past week.

Road Warrior Dodgers keep foot on pedal

Dodgers (4-2) win no matter where they play, Arizona concludes stretch of facing winning teams (3-3); San Francisco (4-3) has a winning week while Colorado (2-4) and San Diego (2-5) have a low win week

The Magic Castle has relocated to Chavez Ravine

The Dodgers just keep on winning while everyone else in the division just tries to stay above water.

Dodgers win, Greinke hits, everyone else loses

Zack Greinke improved his batting average to .405 thanks to a dominant outing at the plate and on the mound. At the same time, every other NL West team falls back in the standings.

Kershaw dominates the week

The Dodgers' ace lowers his ERA to 1.87 while two teams in the division complete a trade at the deadline.

Dodgers on fire and in first place

For this first time all season, the Dodgers are all alone in first place. Nearly every other team struggled this past week while LA's offense was more than on fire.

NL West Mid-Season Awards

The NL West weekly report plus the division's mid-season awards.

Dodgers claw their way to 1.5 games back

A month ago the Dodgers were nearly 100% out of contention. But this past week goes to show that that might not be true anymore thanks to the poor play of three teams previously ahead of them in the standings.

Dodgers keep winning, rest of NL West keeps losing

For the second week in a row, the Dodgers were the only team in the NL West to have a winning record over the last seven days.

Dodgers' break out bats, others break out losses

The Dodgers were 5-2 this past week while the Giants were 1-6. Talk about opposites.

NL West weekly recap

The Diamondbacks are cooling down, the Padres are on fire, the Giants and Rockies switch spots in the standings, and the Dodgers still can't win more in a week than they lose.

NL West weekly recap

The Diamondbacks are still in first, nobody moved in the standings, a brawl broke out in Los Angeles, and two teams announced they will play their first two games of the 2014 season in Australia.

NL West weekly recap

The Diamondbacks held onto the division lead, the Rockies and Giants switched places in the standings, the Padres avoided falling into last place, and the Dodgers DL increased in size.

NL West weekly recap

The Diamondbacks took the division lead, the Rockies and Giants fell a couple games back, the Padres are still inconsistent on offense, and the Dodgers played better.

NL West weekly recap

The Dodgers are on the brink of chaos, the Padres were inconsistent, and the Giants, Diamondbacks, and Rockies are tied for first.