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True Blue LA podcast episode 2204: MLB delays the start of the season

Annoying, avoidable, yet probably inevitable

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Ballparks Remain Empty On What Would Have Been Baseball’s Opening Day Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

With no Major League Baseball games on tap for the foreseeable future, on this episode we break down the last nine days of negotiations between players and owners, and MLB deciding to cancel the first week of the regular season.

Back in December, when the lockout was still fresh and new, rather than the odious, festering mess became, we had a bet on the podcast as to when the 2022 season would start. Eric guessed April 1, and Jacob said June 1. Right now, Jacob’s pick is looking pretty good.

No Dodgers rewind on this episode, since there is a current MLB pause.

Thanks as always to producer Brian Salvatore for working his audio magic.

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