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Welcome to Leading Off with True Blue LA

We have a new weekday morning podcast

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images

We are trying something new in the True Blue LA podcast feed. Today is the first episode of Leading Off with True Blue LA, a podcast that will run every weekday morning, Monday through Friday.

How we utilize these shorter, daily episodes is still a work in progress, but we will try some new things. One of the episodes each week will be a Dodgers rewind, which this week will remember former catcher Joe Pignatano, who passed away last week.

Some episodes will be immediate reactions to news and/or game results. We’ll mix in some interviews, and occasional relevant audio from the stadiums, like manager scrums, for instance.

Today is more of an introduction to the new weekday format, in which we mention last week’s podcast talk about the Dodgers’ upcoming pitching crunch that was delayed with the extension of the 14-pitcher limit for three more weeks.

If you have ideas for these weekday morning episodes, we’d love to hear them. Please let us know in the comments below.

These weekday podcast episodes won’t affect our regular weekly episode of the podcast, which we will still record each week. All episodes will show up in the same feed, so you don’t need to subscribe to a new podcast.

I hope you enjoy Leading Off with True Blue LA.

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