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Another Dodgers loss to the Pirates

LA lost the season series to Pittsburgh

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Los Angeles Dodgers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday’s Leading Off with True Blue LA reacts to the Dodgers losing for the fourth time in five games to the Pirates this season, after dropping only two of their last 25 games against Pittsburgh.

If there’s a cause for concern, besides the struggles of Craig Kimbrel, for instance, it’s that the uncommon health of the first two months for the position players is already starting to turn south. Max Muncy is on the injured list, and Cody Bellinger has missed the last two games with an adductor strain, the first real injuries the lineup has faced this season.

A note here, which I suppose is a product of a quick reaction podcast, is that I mentioned on this episode that the Dodgers have 13 position players at the moment, but that is incorrect. They still have 12 position players and 14 pitchers. I forgot to account for Muncy no longer being active while on the injured list.

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