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The baseball life of Red Adams

Eric Adams’ new book about the longtime Dodgers pitching coach

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Al Campanis, Sanday Koufax, Red Adams, Ron Perranoski - Los Angeles Dodgers
Al Campanis, Sanday Koufax, Red Adams, and Ron Perranoski

Today’s Leading Off with True Blue LA podcast features an interview with Eric Adams, who wrote an engaging book about his grandfather, longtime Dodgers pitching coach Red Adams.

In ‘Red and Blue: Examining the wonderful life of Red Adams,’ Eric Adams tells the story of a wonderful baseball life, one that saw Red Adams pitch eight games in the majors for the Cubs in 1946, and pitch in the minors for 19 years.

Along the way, Adams played for many coaches and developed his own style, one that worked like a charm, including coaching the Dodgers from 1969-1980.

Adams had a great, dry sense of humor, and found a way to work with just about everyone. Don Sutton in his Hall of Fame induction speech in 1998 said, “Red Adams is the standard by which every pitching coach should be measured.”

The book has many great stories from Adams’ playing and coaching career, and so many interviews in which how he impacted so many players becomes evident.

“Some coaches want to put their mark on you,” former Dodgers pitcher Burt Hooton said in the book. “Red never wanted to put his mark on anybody, he just wanted to help you out.”

This interview with Eric Adams was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy.

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