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Remembering Vin Scully

Saying goodbye to a legend

Fans come out to honor and celebrate the life of hall of fame broadcaster Vin Scully who passed away at the age of 94. Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

After 24 hours to let the gravity of Vin Scully’s death settle in, today on The Lineup with True Blue LA we do our best to convey just what the legendary Dodgers announcer meant to us.

The Lineup, a weekly True Blue LA podcast hosted by Eric Stephen and Jacob Burch, with input from Craig Minami, covering all things Dodgers.

We shared our favorite memories of Scully, extolled his best traits, and reveled in the outpouring of emotion in the day or so after his death. Working 67 years is incredible in its own right, but when you factor in the over 9,000 games that he called, part of Scully’s greatness was his ability to weave in firsthand stories when comparing players, like Sandy Koufax to Clayton Kershaw, Roy Campanella to Mike Piazza, and more.

Scully has a litany of incredible calls, but part of his strength was knowing when to be quiet and let the moment itself tell the story. And despite seeing just about everything there is to see in seven decades of baseball, Scully never lost his sense of wonder. His curiosity made us better fans.

Losing Scully felt like losing a family member, but when you consider how prevalent he was in our lives, perhaps that is fitting. I hope you enjoy this farewell to an old friend.

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