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How to listen to True Blue LA podcasts

A guide to find your Dodgers content, in audio form

2017 Major League Baseball World Series Game Six: Houston Astros v. Los Angeles Dodgers

In addition to the written work here at True Blue LA, we have a podcast for your listening pleasure as well, discussing the Dodgers all year round, even during the offseason.

Amazingly, we’ve been doing the podcast since 2013. Time truly does fly.

We have two regular podcasts that show up in the True Blue LA podcast feed:

  • Leading Off: A daily morning podcast, Monday through Friday, hosted by Eric Stephen.
  • The Lineup: Our weekly podcast, the O.G., hosted by Eric Stephen and Jacob Burch.
Leading Off with True Blue LA, a daily podcast covering all things Los Angeles Dodgers, hosted by Eric Stephen.
The Lineup, a weekly True Blue LA podcast hosted by Eric Stephen and Jacob Burch, with input from Craig Minami, covering all things Dodgers.

If you have questions for the show, you can email us at tblapodcast at gmail dot com.

We post every episode of the podcast on the site in its own post, but that’s not how everyone receives the podcast. So here is an overview of how to listen to us talk about the Dodgers on a regular basis, on various platforms.

In the podcast player of your choice, you can manually input the True Blue LA RSS feed.

However you listen to the True Blue LA podcast, we thank you for doing so.