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Former MLB MVP winners with negative-WAR seasons

Former MVP winners who later had seasons below replacement level.

Applying FanGraphs aggregate stats to some old Dodgers favorites

Getting lost in a new, fun tool at FanGraphs, reliving some classic Dodgers memories from Pedro Guerrero, Orel Hershiser, Shawn Green, and more.

Breaking down the Dodgers’ 2017 season in thirds

A look back at the 2017 Dodgers season in three increments of 54 games each.

Revisiting momentum heading into the playoffs

A look at whether finishing the regular season strong matters in the playoffs. This studies the wild card era (1995-2016), with looks at each round of the postseason.

Dodgers could shatter franchise mark for homers

Not only can the Dodgers set a franchise mark for home runs, they can also hit one of the highest totals in National League history.

Dodgers 2017 season in thirds: The second 54 games

The Dodgers have gained plenty of steam in the middle 54 games of the season.

Dodgers 2017 season in thirds: The first 54 games

A breakdown of the first 54 games of the season for the Dodgers.

Should you be worried by the Dodgers poor start?

The Dodgers are just 9-11 after 20 games, and trail in the division by five games already. What does this slow start mean? A look at the 20-game starts by every MLB playoff team in the last 22 years, in the Wild Card era.

The jet lag effect

A look at a study on jet lag in baseball shows that teams suffer after traveling at least two time zones, especially when traveling east.

Dodgers hodge podge in left field

Howie Kendrick started 79 games in left field in 2016, but now traded the Dodgers for now will stick to their in-house options it seems for 2017 at the position.

2016 season in thirds: The final 54 games

A breakdown of the 2016 Dodgers season in thirds, three different 54-game stretches.

Dodgers season in thirds: The middle 54 games

A look at the Dodgers' 2016 season in thirds. Here is the second set of 54 games, compared to the first 54 games of the season.

Dodgers bullpen overwork is overstated

Concerns arise that the bullpen is having to pitch too many innings and is overworked. However, due to one very key mitigating factor, the individual arms are not actually being worn out to a significant degree.

Dodgers season in thirds: The first 54

A look at the Dodgers' 2016 campaign through 54 games, with the season exactly one-third complete.

What a multi-year Kenley Jansen deal may look like

Kenley Jansen has one year remaining before free agency, and is a prime candidate for a multi-year contract.

Predicting the 2016-2020 Dodgers: pitchers

Clayton Kershaw is the obvious choice to lead the Dodgers in various pitching categories from 2016-2020, but could be joined by a burgeoning group of young pitchers like Julio Urias, Jose De Leon or Frankie Montas.

Predicting the 2016-2020 Dodgers: position players

To try and predict the Dodgers from 2016-2020, let's first look back at the previous five years, which included an overhaul of both the roster but also the coaching staff, front office and ownership.

The risk of a Greinke contract extension

With Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke likely to opt out of the final three years and $71 million on his contract, a look at the risk of signing pitchers about to enter their age-32 season, compared to a few other age groups.

Greinke & the fateful fastball

A closer look at the fastball thrown by Zack Greinke hit by Daniel Murphy for the game-winning home run in the sixth inning of Game 5 of the National League Division Series against the Mets at Dodger Stadium.

Dodgers 2015 in thirds: The final 54

A look back at the 2015 season split into thirds. Here is a look at the final 54 games of the season compared to the other two 54-game stretches this year.

Dodgers bullpen could be an October strength

A look at the 2015 Dodgers bullpen with comparisons to 2014 and 2013, and how it might fare in the postseason.

Greinke, Kershaw & the Cy Young race

Dodgers pitchers Zack Greinke & Clayton Kershaw have a chance to finish first and second in National League Cy Young Award voting, something four sets of teammates have ever done.

Dodgers bullpen better than you might think

The Dodgers bullpen has been rightfully criticized for the last two months, but there is reason to believe the current relief corps will be effective going forward.

Dodgers season in thirds: The 2nd 54

A look at the Dodgers season in thirds, comparing the first 54 games to the second 54 games.

Dodgers season in thirds: The first 54

Thursday night was the Dodgers' 54th game of the season, putting them exactly one-third of the way through the season. Here is a look at the first 54 games.

Up, up and away on the road

The Dodgers were spectacular on the road in 2014, winning the most games in baseball (49) and scoring the most runs (390) in the National League.

Dodgers feasting on NL West

The Dodgers have won nine consecutive series against National League West opponents, and have the best record against their own division of any team in baseball in 2014.

Dodgers comeback struggles

The Dodgers are 0-46 in games that they trail after seven innings, which is a problem. But the far more concerning problem is having a weakened team not able to avoid being put in those situations in the first place.

The last 30-30 season in the PCL

Dodgers minor league outfielder Joc Pederson has 27 home runs and 26 stolen bases with 19 games remaining for Triple-A Albuquerque, closing in on the first 30-30 season in the Pacific Coast League since 1934.

A look at Dodgers midseason pitching debuts

Roberto Hernandez is 12th starting pitcher acquired via trade by general manager Ned Colletti in his nine years in Los Angeles. Here is a look at the Dodgers debuts of the previous 11.

The Anaheim challenge

The Dodgers have won just four series against the Angels in Anaheim in 17 years of interleague play. They get another chance beginning Wednesday night at Angel Stadium.

Dodgers season in thirds: The second 54 games

A breakdown of the Dodgers' 2014 season at the two-thirds mark, 108 games into the 162-game season. Here is a look at the campaign in 54-game increments.