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Salary arbitration

News related to salary arbitration as it pertains to the Los Angeles Dodgers, from service time to negotiations to filing dates to exchanging figures to policies to arbitration hearings and settlements.

The curious case of Ryan Thompson and salary arbitration

After a tweet thread from Rays pitcher Ryan Thompson, a lawyer’s break down of baseball’s arbitration process with insight into how to succeed at an arbitration generally.

A tale of two salary arbitration experiences

How the Dodgers dodged a blunder of their own making by coming to terms with Tony Gonsolin as opposed to the Brewers nickel-and-diming Corbin Burnes.

Tony Gonsolin signs 2-year deal to avoid arb

The Dodgers and pitcher Tony Gonsolin agreed to a two-year contract worth $6.65 million, avoiding an arbitration hearing for 2023.

MLB arbitration hearings are near

Salary arbitration hearings in Major League Baseball will be held over the next three weeks, which means we’ll know fairly soon how much Tony Gonsolin will earn in 2023.

A modest proposal to pay Tony Gonsolin for the next two years

The Dodgers should sign Tony Gonsolin to a multi-year contract rather than quibble over $400,000 through the salary arbitration process.

Dodgers salary arbitration summary

A recap of the salary arbitration exchange date on Friday, where the Dodgers payroll stands after the various deals, and how Julio Urías is poised to cash in next offseason.

Gonsolin, Dodgers exchange salary arbitration figures

The Dodgers and Tony Gonsolin could not agree on a contract for 2023 before Friday’s salary exchange deadline, the only one of ten eligible Dodgers not to avoid salary arbitration.

May, Thompson, Phillips, Almonte, Graterol, Ferguson avoid arb

A roundup of various 2023 Dodgers deals for Dustin May, Trayce Thompson, Yency Almonte, Evan Phillips, Brusdar Graterol, and Caleb Ferguson.

Julio Urías avoids arbitration with $14.25-million deal

The Dodgers signed ace left-hander Julio Urías to a $14.25-million contract for 2023, avoiding salary arbitration.

Will Smith gets $5.25 million in his first arb year

The Dodgers signed catcher Will Smith, avoiding salary arbitration for 2023.

Dodgers sign Buehler for $8.025 million for 2023

The Dodgers avoided salary arbitration with pitcher Walker Buehler, inking the right-hander to a contract for 2023.

Dodgers 2023 salary arbitration overview

A summary of the ten Dodgers eligible for salary arbitration in 2023, plus a look at the history of arbitration under the Andrew Friedman-led front office over the last eight years.

Trayce Thompson salary arbitration preview

A look at the salary arbitration case of outfielder Trayce Thompson, who had a strong season with the Dodgers after joining them in late June for a second stint in Los Angeles.

Dodgers relievers salary arbitration preview

The Dodgers have four relief pitchers eligible for salary arbitration this winter, so let’s look at what Evan Phillips, Brusdar Graterol, Yency Almonte, and Caleb Ferguson might make in 2023.

Dustin May salary arbitration preview

Dodgers pitcher Dustin May is eligible for salary arbitration for the first time this winter, so let’s take a look at what he might earn in 2023.

Tony Gonsolin salary arbitration preview

A look at what Tony Gonsolin might earn in 2023, with the Dodgers right-hander a Super Two this offseason and eligible for salary arbitration for the first time in his career.

Julio Urías salary arbitration preview

Dodgers pitcher Julio Urías is eligible for salary arbitration for the final time in 2023, with free agency looming next offseason. Here’s a look at what salary he might earn this season.

Will Smith salary arbitration preview

A look at comparable catchers to Dodgers backstop Will Smith, who is eligible for salary arbitration for the first time.

Dodgers should pursue 2-year deal for Buehler

With Walker Buehler set to miss most or all of 2023, the Dodgers should sign him to a two-year contract that covers both of his remaining salary arbitration years, though 2024.

Dodgers avoid arbitration with Julio Urías

The Dodgers avoided salary arbitration figures with pitcher Julio Urías on Tuesday, signing him for a reported $8 million contract for 2022.

Dodgers sign Ferguson, avoid arbitration

Caleb Ferguson and the Dodgers agreed to a one-year contract, avoiding salary arbitration for the left-hander who is returning from Tommy John surgery he had in September 2020.

Trea Turner gets $21 million, avoiding avoid arbitration

The Dodgers and Trea Turner agreed to a $21 million contract, avoiding salary arbitration.

Dodgers affected if arbitration expands in next CBA

A look at one aspect of the MLB Players Association’s offer regarding salary arbitration, and how it might affect some Dodgers, including Matt Beaty and Will Smith.

Julio Urías arbitration preview

Dodgers left-handed pitcher Julio Urías is eligible for salary arbitration after a career year in 2021, so let’s look at what he might make in 2022 by looking at comparable pitchers.

Trea Turner arbitration preview

Dodgers shortstop Trea Turner is eligible for salary arbitration, so let’s look at what he might make in 2022 by looking at comparable players.

Barnes avoids arbitration with 2-year deal

Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes avoided salary arbitration with a two-year, $4.3 million contract.

Buehler avoids arbitration with 2-year contract

The Dodgers avoided salary arbitration for Walker Buehler, signing the ace right-hander to a 2021 deal.

Austin Barnes arbitration preview

An examination of what Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes might earn in pending salary arbitration case for 2021.

Dodgers exchange arbitration salaries with Buehler, Barnes

A summary of salary arbitration, including the Dodgers signing Corey Seager, Cody Bellinger and three others, but exchanging salary figures with Walker Buehler and Julio Urías.

Seager, Urias avoid salary arbitration

The Dodgers avoided salary arbitration with shortstop Corey Seager and pitcher Julio Urías for 2021.

Bellinger avoids arb with $16.1 million deal

The Dodgers avoided salary arbitration with All-Star outfielder and former National League MVP Cody Bellinger, signing him to a contract for 2021.

Dodgers avoid arb with Dylan Floro

The Dodgers avoided salary arbitration with relief pitcher Dylan Floro, signing the right-hander to a one-year contract worth a reported $975,000.


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