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Site Updates

Welcome aboard, Jake Dicker

Jake Dicker has joined the writing staff at True Blue LA.

Welcome aboard, Michael Elizondo

Announcing a new member of the True Blue LA staff, Michael Elizondo, to wrote about the Dodgers.

Announcement: A new commenting system is coming to True Blue LA

Coming Thursday, comments will look different.

True Blue LA welcomes Estevão Maximo

Estevão Maximo has joined True Blue LA to write about the Los Angeles Dodgers.

True Blue LA welcomes new staff members

Announcing seven new members of the True Blue LA staff, including four returnees.

Welcome back, Ryan Walton

Ryan Walton is back to write about the Dodgers for True Blue LA

True Blue LA is hiring

Want to write about the Dodgers for True Blue LA? Here’s how.

We’re testing out a new live game chat for Tuesday’s game

A new commenting system will be tested this upcoming Tuesday

A message from the SB Nation MLB communities

New gig economy laws spell big changes for SB Nation communities.

Hello, True Blue LA!

Goodbye, Baseball

After six years of covering the Dodgers, I’ve decided to step aside to focus on things away from baseball.

Welcome, Blake Harris and Lindsay Adams

A change in roles at True Blue LA

After nearly a decade, I am stepping down as managing editor and there is a change in leadership at True Blue LA.

Welcome, Stacie Wheeler

We have a new writer at True Blue LA, and it is Stacie Wheeler.

Welcome, Dustin Nosler

True Blue LA staff openings

Join the staff!

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True Blue LA is hiring

We are looking for someone to run our Facebook page at True Blue LA. Inquire within.

Welcome aboard, David Hood

True Blue LA has a new writer, David Hood, who will provide coverage of the Dodgers minor league system from the perspective of a baseball fan living in Tulsa.

Welcome back, Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant, who ran True Blue LA from 2006 to 2008, is back on the site as a writer.

True Blue LA welcomes Ron Shah, Josie Becker

Shah and Becker will each provide a new, unique perspective for the site.

Ben Haber, David Lauterbach join TBLA staff

True Blue LA has added a pair of new writers. Please welcome them aboard.

True Blue LA: The Future Is Coming

In the coming days and weeks, both True Blue LA and SB Nation as a whole will be undergoing a complete design makeover. That means changes to the layout, and the look and feel of the site, but I have seen a few screen shots of the new design and it l

True Blue LA Welcomes Chad Moriyama To The Team

True Blue LA is proud to announce that Chad Moriyama, known for his Dodger blog Memories of Kevin Malone, has decided to join forces with True Blue LA.

1,000 Members and growing

True Blue reaches 1,000 membership mark.

Welcome, Brendan Scolari

Resurgent True Blue

Welcome Yahoo Dodger fans!

True Blue and Yahoo Sports partner up.

More True Blue Updates

Updates to True Blue

True Blue Blog updated information