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True Blue LA rules

Please be sure to check out our users guide and how-to guide to FanPosts & FanShots, too.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Thank you for taking the time to read and join True Blue LA. We pride ourselves in being a very strong community of Dodgers fans.

While I would like to do as very little policing as possible, there are a few rules we would like all to observe on the site.

Treat each other with respect

This seems simple. Just be nice. Treat someone like you would want to be treated. That said, we all have bad days, and there are times when we are not our best selves. It happens. I just ask that try to exercise a little empathy before saying something to another member that you might regret.

Disagreement is completely normal, and is encouraged! But please, when arguing with someone else, debate the merits of the comment(s), not the commenter themselves.

There are several members who have known each other, either online or otherwise, for more than a decade, and with stronger bonds sometimes comes a familiarity that might seem cliquish to other, newer members and commenters trying to join the conversation. Please know, you are all welcome here, so feel free to jump into the conversation.

No politics, please

There are so many other places you can discuss politics. Feel free to go to those places if that is your desire. But here, please check those opinions at the door.

If you are thinking of writing, “I don’t mean to get political, but...” just don’t. Please.

This goes for most other divisive issues. This is a place to have fun and talk mostly about baseball. I’d like to keep it that way.

Off topic convos are fine

That said, there are still plenty of times throughout the day the conversation veers off of baseball. It is the nature of the community. We talk food, television, movies, tipping (ha!), other sports, and more. I don’t want to limit that.


Cursing is generally accepted here, unless it gets out of hand. Just try to be civil. And attacking other commenters and members will not be tolerated.

Don’t troll other sites

We don’t like it when fans of other teams come here just to troll, rather than actually engage in conversation. So please don’t be that person who goes to other sites just to antagonize fans of other teams.

Thank you for respecting these rules, and I hope you enjoy True Blue LA.