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How to use FanPosts & FanShots

Let your voice be heard!

MLB: Spring Training-Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Dodgers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Comments aren’t the only way you can have your voice heard at True Blue LA. There are also FanPosts and FanShots you can use to express your opinion about the Dodgers.

FanPosts and FanShots are located on the far right side of the site, below the top of the page. FanPosts are first:

Then FanShots are lower down on the page:

Generally, FanShots are more for sharing something quickly, like a tweet or video. A FanPost is where you can bring more of your own voice, and have your opinion be heard.


A FanShot of Cody Bellinger’s seventh home run (sharing a tweet with an embedded video)

A FanShot linking to a piece by Ben Lindbergh at The Ringer on Clayton Kershaw’s slider.

A FanPost of user Mahatma Gagne writing about the comeback season of Kiké Hernandez.

A FanPost by user fbihop, recognizing notable Dodgers performances from 2016 in super small sample sizes.


If you have written a FanPost or created a FanShot, feel free to drop a link in the comments section of a recent post, to let others know they should read it.

If you like a FanPost or FanShot, you can “rec” it just like you can recommend a comment. Doing so helps keep the post placed at or near the top of the list, and on the front page.