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A look back at young Clayton Kershaw

A fun look back at video of the Dodgers' ace in high school.

With Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw in Detroit to receive the 2012 Roberto Clemente Award, and Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford in attendance at Comerica Park as well, it was only natural that the Dodgers tweeted out a picture of the childhood friends from their days of little league near Dallas.

It's always nice to look back at a young Kershaw, back when he was The Minotaur on Dodger Thoughts, a mythical creature full of promise that nobody wanted to jinx until he became real.

Well, Kershaw is now very real, and that promise has been very much realized. But it's still fun to look back at a younger Kershaw, like he was in this video testimonial for Airrost Rehab Centers (hat tip to Hollywood Joe for the link).

Kershaw suffered an oblique strain in high school, and came back quicker than the estimated two to four weeks thanks to a trip to Airrosti. In fact, he was better than ever.

"I pitched well. I had 15 batters faced, a 15-strike perfect game, and we won the game. It has felt fine since, no problem."

Then again, maybe Kershaw is just a fast healer. After all, he shook off a right hip impingement in September to allow just four runs in five starts.