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Video: Carlos Beltran doubles out of Andre Ethier's reach

Does an average center fielder make the catch on Beltran's drive in the third inning?

The Dodgers struck first against Joe Kelly with two runs in the top of the third in Game 1 of the NLCS, but the Cardinals struck right back with two runs of their own in the bottom of the inning.

Zack Greinke retired the first eight hitters of the game, but Kelly broke the spell with a two-out single. All of a sudden Greinke lost command, as he walked Matt Carpenter then ran the count to 3-1 against postseason god Carlos Beltran, who drove one deep to center field.

Andre Ethier, playing his first game in the field since Sept. 13, went back in time to catch it but appeared to mistime his jump at the wall. The ball bounced away for a two-run double and a tie game.

This isn't to assign blame or anything, as Greinke's loss of command was as much at fault as Ethier not making the catch on what would have been a pretty good catch, but one that many center fielders would have made.

What do you think? Does the average major league center fielder make that catch?