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Video: Nick Punto has fun at Skip Schumaker's expense

One Dodgers utility man had fun with another on MLB Network on Wednesday.

Dodgers utility man Nick Punto was a guest on Wednesday on Intentional Talk on MLB Network, with Chris Rose an Kevin Millar, and hilarity ensued.

I find myself watching this show more often that not, even though the hosts are clownish. I suppose baseball is better than non-baseball. But regardless of how you feel about IT, this clip is definitely worth it because Punto is great. He is one of the funniest players on the team and it showed.

Punto was asked a series of rapid-fire questions near the end, and this stood out:

Q: Who is your ugliest teammate?

A: "Hands down, Skip Schumaker."

Q: When did you have your first kiss, and who was it with?

A: "I have to plead the fifth because you just brought up Skip Schumaker, and he's actually married to my first kiss. ... That may be true. The verdict is still out."

Punto and Schumaker have lockers next to each other and are constantly joking around with one another. Earlier in the season, when Schumaker pitched in a game, he noted that he warmed up "with my little buddy over there" and constantly belittled Punto's height.

It will be funny to see how Schumaker responds.