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Watch Vin Scully on ‘Face the Nation’

Scully tied together Laurence Olivier, Hank Aaron and Dorian Gray in 5 minutes

Vin Scully was a guest on ‘Face the Nation’ on CBS on Sunday morning, in an interview with Jon Dickerson taped last week when Scully was in Washington D.C. to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom honor at the White House.

Dickerson asked Scully what the trick was to calling a game.

“I would quote Laurence Olivier, because I’ve lived by his quote. Apparently some young actor asked him about his success, and he said, ‘My success comes from a humility to prepare, and a confidence to bring it off’,” Scully said. “The more you prepare, the more confidence you have, and they go hand in hand.”

Scully also reflected on his childhood, listening to sports on his family’s old console radio.

“I love the roar of the crowd. When I do the game, my philosophy is do it quickly, call the play accurately, and then shut up,” Scully said. “For a little while when that crowd is roaring, I’m eight years old.”

Asked what he might tell his eight-year-old self if he could:

“I would tell him don’t be afraid to dream.”